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Question about class


So I just chose my 2nd “sub-class” and can’t put points in my first sub-class anymore, is there a way to go back to working on that one or re-allocate those points? Or did I make a catastrophic mistake lol? Or is there something I am not seeing? I have googled but there really isn’t much that addresses the problem I am having :confused:


If you have points left you can always use F3 and click on the name of the class and use the points…

but once you have used all of them the only way is by using a skill reset potion…

it will reset all your points for all classes and let you rearrange them again…

Please note that all classes have individual points (15 max base class) (45 max rest)

you can use a sim to better plan your future

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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