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Question about casual raids

Is there any chance to drop anything else from these raids?
I’m running asiomage, wastrel, ignas etc and there’s just the spinning wheel and the fragments.
Just to know if I’ll earn just the fragments or I can drop something else.

Just fragment if you dont spend on the gambling.


In the casual mode you only get 1 fragment each run (you can actually check all rewards you can get in a raid from the F10 menu). But in exchange you have the roulette where you can get more crystals or even practonium. For low level unique raids it’s actually more efficient doing those as with the fragments you can get the gear you want instead of hoping to randomly drop it and you only pay half the raid portal stones too.

The party ones are more fun to play as they require teamwork, though.

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Thx for the answers guys.
About the party: no one wants to go to these raids with me :frowning: I have always to go alone because when I shout no one joins. But that’s ok.
I just need some runs and I’m having fun with that.
When my brother played this game before his pc crashed, we would do these all the time.

Yeah doesn’t work with shout because shout is mostly read by endgame players who aren’t interested in unique raids anymore.

What I did is seek out all new players (guildless and below level 400) and befriend them and then showed them the raids once they were high enough.

Is weird but in unique 5 man raid fantast library im get froster lord card like round robin loot additional to raid cube , unsure is was a bug ( like you droop sometimes stuff like diev woods ) or raid boses can droop normal cards too

If you said the normal froster lord card, i did get it once too. Not sure why. But the big money is in the cube, legend froster lord.

The extra card never happen with other raid boss because others, iirc, don’t have the normal card version.