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[Quest] My Precious Friend?


Has anyone been able to complete this quest (My Precious Friend) in Orsha?

I know this is a level 1 quest, but I have it in my quest log and I want to complete it. Strange because I have this quest only in my lv. 200 Paladin quest log, but not on my other characters (all lv. 320+).

Thank you!

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I have the quest too but when I talk to npc quest doesnt start.

This is exactly what happens.

Strange because on database it says the item obtained from the quest can only be used on pets lv. 300+

I have a 300+ pet. You can right click the item in your inventory to feed it to your pet. My problem is i cant turn in the quest.

I also have a 300+ pet. The problem is that the quest do not start.

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and any news works the quest or not?

any updates on this quest?



I have the same issue: I can’t turn in the quest at that NPC. I only have the usual chat options “Train companion” etc. here.

Any updates?

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Same issue here. Fix it please.

Hope it gets fixed tomorrow

Anyone? Trying to figure it out too

I just received the quest. You have to have a lv 300+ pet. Quest requires you to collect some ingredients from Dadan Jungle