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Quest items not being removed


I remember seeing somewhere on the dev blogs that IMC is working to allow removal of quest items leftover after quest completions.

Has there been any further news on the issue?

I have monster b*lls stuck in my inventory :grimacing:

Help >_<

I got some and meh! their weight is 0 so it doesn’t really bother me…

I think the removal of items on last patch that you are remembering doesn’t include quest items…

I don’t mind the others as much as that particular item.

Its slightly… disgusting.

Never did like the zergy look much.

These have a weight…

On a related notice: how does one remove drop headgears that cannot be destroyed or sold to NPCs? They do have weight.

you can put it on market…

but, didn’t they fix it so you can drop headgear :confused:

I cant tell, I don’t drop stuff unless my life depends on it… am a looter :expressionless:

meh, all that would achieve - clog your receive tab at some point.

Some “common” drop headgears can only be sold to NPC (Kepa Doll), but others cant: Goggles from vubbe archers, Glit Helmets from Pawnds, etc.

Isn’t the receive tag infinite unlike storage :confused:

I got lot of unsold items there :frowning:

I do believe it is, but…they need to fix the problem instead of making us use a strange workaround :stuck_out_tongue:

And I still have monster balls in my inventory.

What I do is throw them in an alt’s storage and forget about them. If you have a free character slot, transfer them to that character and delete it.