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[Quest]Danger the Lurks in the Forest(8)

Hello guys

Quest Task: Oscaras cannot move so he asks you make the cure instead. He says you can make one by mixing the Bunkeyto Essence with the vink flowers with ratio 3:7. 3 being the essence. ‘ESC’ press the key stop.


I need help in this quest, I can not do it, can anyone help me?

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press escape at 3 or 7 second mark depending on flower/essence

by “second mark” look at the progress timer bar on the middle lower part of your screen, when it reaches 3 or 7 seconds, press escape key to stop.


3 seconds with the essence, 7 seconds with the other mat.

That means when you put the essence, when the timer hit 3 seconds (between 3 seconds and 3.9 seconds work) you should cancel the animation by pressing the Cancel button or pressing ESC key.

The same goes for the 7 seconds mat.


Thanks, I was able to complete the quest