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Quest crack: "A vessel for a spirit (3)"

After accomplishing the previous one “A vessel for a spirit (2)” assumed to get reward book Spirit’s Scripture that needed for the subjected quest
But i don’t, so i can’t proceed this quest line.
Tried to abandon and relaunch “A vessel for a spirit (3)” but nothing has changed: essence and book has not appeared. Is there a way to relaunch the very first “A vessel for a spirit (1)”
Any suggestions? Help please : 3

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Are you sure you don’t have the book? It should be on the last tab of your inventory (quest items), not in the tab containing books. Can’t really tell because I don’t recall that quest exactly, but is this the one where you have to memorize how the candles are lit? If it’s the case, you have to interact with the altar to get the item, but I could be wrong…

MMM! there a Quest item tab! Found it!

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