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[Quality of Life] Mercenary Badges and Arts

Considering how common and useful Mercenary Badges are (and the fact they are untradable), they could be displayed along TP and silver (since the free TP space is almost pointless).


Since Arts are already selectable by default and have a some issues when resetting, it makes more sense for them to be tracked per tome count instead of browsing through encyclopedias and NPCs. They could be done as an item that adds a tome count to the character (as a new resource) and that tome is taken, along the attribute points, to learn any art available for that character (more similar to regular attributes).

With this change, players can change their character classes without going through the trouble of extracting tomes and recycling or selling them just to get a new tome (and nullifies the need of an art reset potion, that could be used to recover unused tomes). It’s also more flexible when Arts and associated skills are changed.

That’s all, have a nice day.

Side note - I still despise Arts on every single aspect.


Badges have already been changed into a point system in ktos, but I agree it would be nice to see how many you have without having to use a chat command or opening the shop in town.