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QoL and usability issues with certain Wizard skills and/or mechanics

In this post I aim to exemplify a few quality of life and usability issues with certain wizard skills and/or mechanics, and how they could be fixed without any major reworks.

Rune Caster:

Skilled Casting Attribute: At max level, the Rune Caster: Skilled Casting stacks last 15s. This is usually not a big deal, however in a few situations, it gets annoying really fast. For example, in challenge modes, the stacks often wear off inbetween stages. Meaning if you want to keep the stacks, you have to use a Rune Caster skill with no target. My suggestion is to increase the Rune Caster: Casting buff duration from 15s to 30s. Something similar has already been done to Ranger’s Critical Shot, and it was a great change.

Rune of Ice: The range at which you can aim at targets is shorter than the range at which Rune of Ice can be cast! This often results in the skill simply not working, just because your target is a millimeter too far. My suggestion is to increase the range at which you can shoot Rune of Ice.

Rune of Justice: This skill has a two-fold problem. First, the hitbox on the beam is smaller than it loooks… Secondly, it still scales with AoE attack ratio (a stat which most wizards do not get any extra from gear). My suggestion is to increase the size of the skill hitbox, and to make it scale with NUMBER OF TARGETS instead of AoE Attack ratio.


Implosion: This skill is simply not worth using. Three overheats with 1s cast time each is too much. My suggestion is to remove two overheats, but but make the skill deal 3 hits.

Rolling Stone: Oh my, there is so much wrong with this skill, and it certainly requires a rework. However, the biggest issue is how it has a single hit of absurdly high skill factor (Meaning it reaches the 10m dmg cap very easily). What’s the point of my Rolling Stone having 36187% skill factor (attribute 100+Art 30) and getting +400% dmg from Dahlia ichors, if it won’t even one-shot a CM7 monster because of the damage cap! My suggestion is to add an attribute or Art to divide the skill damage into multiple hits. It has already been done for Crusader’s Protection of Goddess, so why can’t it be done for other similar skills?

Horn of Golem: Same problem as Rolling Stone, reaches damage cap way too easily due to its very high skill factor. Again, my suggestion is to add an attribute or Art to divide the skill damage into multiple hits.


Elemental Essence: 20s duration, 20s duration, enough said. Extremely annoying. My suggestion is to increase its duration to 30min.

Meteor: When combined with Pyromancer’s Flame Ground, this skill is awesome! However, without Flame Ground, this skill leaves a lot to be desired. My suggestion is to make the 5x hits mechanic also apply to targets with the following debuffs: Terramancer’s Sandy Dust, Cryomancer’s Chill (From the Thin Ice Art), Taoist’s Eradication (From the Eradication Transfer Art). This would improve the synergies between Elementalist+Terramancer, Elementalist+Cryomancer and Elementalist+Taoist classes.


The class is massively underpowered. Please increase the skill factors of Micro Dimension, Ultimate Dimension, Dimension Compression and Hole of Darkness. The Blink: Paradox Art was added as a really interesting way to increase Sage dps by 30% in PvE, but it failed miserably. 1.3x 0 is still 0 after all.

Additionally, the Sage class severely lacks synergies with other classes. It’s clear how Non-Property skills do not go combo well with other classes. My suggestion is to add an Art that changes Micro Dimension, Ultimate Dimension, Dimension Compression and Hole of Darkness from Non-Property into DARK PROPERTY skills. This would give Sage viable synergies with Featherfoot and Shadowmancer.


The concept of Bokor is great. A summoner that sacrifices its summons instead of letting them attack? Awesome. However the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Zombify: Putting more points into this skill increases the damage of the zombies. However, this is quite misleading! Putting more points only increases the dmg of the zombie auto-attacks, and not the zombie skills(Bwa Kayiman, Damballa). Zombie auto-attacks going from 500dmg to 1000dmg is not worth the use of 14 extra skill points… My suggestion is to reduce the cooldown of Zombify by 1 second per skill point. This would drastically improve the Bokor gameplay, and would allow the player to use Damballa more often.

Hexing: The hitbox is too small, and the animation speed is too slow, resulting in a very clunky skill. My suggestion is to increase the Hexing debuff hitbox, as well as increase the animation speed.

Effigy: 5s cooldown with 3 overheats??? No one has the time for that, specially when the skill damage is very low. My suggestion is to increase its cooldown, remove two overheats, all while drastically increasing its skill factor, as well as making it so the skill deal 3 hits at once.

Bwa Kayiman: Half the time, this skill simply does nothing, and still goes on cooldown… Adding on to that, the number of hits the skill does is inconsistent. Even though I have 8 zombies, the skill only does 4-5 hits to a boss. My suggestion is to improve the consistency of the skill, and for each zombie to deal 1 hit to the target, as well as increasing its skill factor.

Damballa: This skill deals less damage if you sacrifice non-special zombies. As the zombies summoned by the Damballa attribute are not wheelchair or large zombies, any subsequent uses of Damballa deal very little damage. My suggestion is to increase the skill factor, and to make so all zombie types deal the same damage when sacrificed.


Kundela Slash: This skill is mechanically interesting, but its damage is EXTREMELY LOW. My suggestion is to increase its skill factor significantly.

Blood Bath: As with Kundela Slash, its damage is extremely low, and there is no reason to put more than 1 skill point into it if all you want is the healing it provides. My suggestion is to increase its skill factor significantly.


Shadow Conjuration: Another mechanically interesting, but extremely weak skill. Again, my suggestion is to increase its skill factor significantly.

Of course, many other classes - not just in the Wizard tree - need reworks, so I am only highlighting a few small issues which annoy me very much.

I have already sent a ticket with the same contents as this post, but as I do not know if IMC hears us via tickets, I decided to post it here too.


Also only works along main directions (north/south/east/west). If you try to aim the skill at something not perfectly aligned, you miss it.

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I have been using Terramancer for a while now and I can say that it seriously needs buffs.

  1. I agree with Implosion being unusable, mainly because of the very long cast time and that it does not do a lot of damage compared to Onmyoji who has skills with 1s cast times as well (Water Shikigami and Toyou; not to mention that these skills hit multiple targets too).

  2. Sandblast + Stone slinger vv combo is too unreliable. Your damage output is determined by RNG. If you land a critical hit with Sand Blast, you will proc your vv effect. If you don’t, better luck next time. And even if you have a lot of crit rate, you still can’t reliably proc it, especially to monsters that are Plant and Mutant types. (I currently have 6.7k crit rate just for reference).

  3. Terramancer’s kit mostly concentrates on single target damage. Comparing it to Shadowmancer, which is also a single target damage dealer, Terramancer can’t even compare to the damage output that Shadowmancer does (most especially if combo’d with Featherfoot).