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Pyro Linker Thauma Chrono 2 looking for an Oracle as farming partner

Like the title says, I’m a Wizard > Pyro > Linker > Thauma > Chrono > Chrono. I am looking for an Oracle partner with resetting and clairvoyance to farm with. I have Swell Body, Reincarnate, Stop, Joint Penalty, Hangman’s Knot, and Haste for my farming toolkit. You just need to bring the resetting and clairvoyance :smiley: We can farm for Vubbe’s blood, Wizard Bracelet Recipes, or whatever! :smiley:

Notes: Swell body doubles the item drop and makes it so that two of whatever it drops will drop. With equal distribution, we will each get one of the item that drops.

So what’s in it for you? My wizard toolkit has a lot of nifty utilities to aid in farming. I can increase our movement speed with haste, I can link multiple mobs to gather faster with Joint Penalty and Hangman’s Knot, I can respawn an exact mob after it dies using reincarnate, and I can secure kills for us using Stop. I also have Wizard exclusive buffs that can aid your damage if your build would benefit from them. We would also be a farming duo and that can be more pleasant than going it alone if you like socialization in mmos.

I am quite actually looking for any type of Oracle regardless of build. You just need Resetting and Clairvoyance. Message me your build and what you would like to farm and we can try something out :slight_smile:

What server are you on?

I’m in Orsha. I posted this in the Orsha sub-section so I thought it was assumed, my bad. Would you be an interested Oracle on Orsha?

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