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Pyro-Ele-Tao: what to change?

With the new update, and for people like me that have a zillion chars with different builds, it’s gonna be a nightmare to respec all of them, even more when there are such big game impacting changes. For Lancer-Dragoon it’s trivial (just some SFR buffs and minor skill changes), but for Pyro-Ele-Tao it seems a lot of rework will have to be done. Let’s look at the changes class by class…

  1. Taoist
  • Tri-disaster charm is changed to an attribute which I assume will have level 5, so 40% damage increase for all our skills; this means QoL change and more points to spend on other skills
  • Begone demon is changed to Flame Radiation Charm with low SFR; doesn’t seem very useful
  • Upper level is changed to Fire Charm with low SFR; doesn’t seem very useful
  • Creeping Death Charm has been buffed (at least at level <= 10 – for me it was at level 8 – does double damage now at level 10) and arts seems to be very good
  • Storm Calling changed to Snow Tempest Charm (no idea what to expect here, but probably just a lightning -> ice change, the only thing we lose is the Electrocute synergy)
  • Divine Punishment nerfed (need 5 more points) and it’s unusable in mouse mode anyway (doesn’t work if single target isn’t locked), will probably have to ditch this skill for something more useful
  • Eradication seriously nerfed due to arts being now pointless (SFR is equivalent at skill level 6)
  • Lightning Charm changed to Strengthen Charm now requires 5 points (pointless increase of 1 point of SFR per skill)

Probably the worse of the three… I have no idea where to go here because every skill has been reworked. For now I have:

  • Flame Radiation Charm: 0/15
  • Fire Charm: 0/10
  • Creeping Death Charm: 10/15
  • Storm Calling: 10/10
  • Divine Punishment: 0/15
  • Eradication: 6/10
  • Strengthen Charm: 1/5

This means 18 spare points I have no idea where to put them. Maybe max Creeping Death Charm/Eradication and 9 points into one of the new skills…

  1. Elementalist
  • Storm Dust changed to Blizzard Storm while keeping much the same effect (only thing I don’t see in the patch notes is if the synergy with Fire Pillar is kept or removed)
  • Electrocute pretty much the same, double CD but more than double the damage
  • Stone Curse changed to Lightning Orb (the same skill used by some mobs/bosses)
  • Meteor pretty much the same but requires more points
  • Elemental Essence is changed to Elemental Burst (kamehameha skill)
  • Fire Claw pretty much the same, SFR doubled
  • Hail untouched

For now I have:

  • Blizzard Storm: 10/10
  • Electrocute: 15/15
  • Lightning Orb: 0/10
  • Meteor: 5/10
  • Elemental Burst: 0/5
  • Fire Claw: 0/15
  • Hail: 15/15

Yeah this doesn’t work. Elemental Burst and Meteor will have to be maxed, meaning taking 10 points out of Electrocute/Hail. Lightning Orb will have to be tested, because this class lacks the points to use all the skills. That’s really a problem with current class system, they have too many skills and either you have to leave them aside because you don’t have the points or space on your quickslot bar. Clearly here Lightning Orb or Fire Claw is superfluous.

  1. Pyromancer
  • Enchant Fire changed to explosive chain reaction (lol)
  • Fire Ball pretty much the same useless skill (small SFR improvement)
  • Fire Wall pretty much the same (more scaling with level)
  • Fire Pillar buffed by 3x (wow)
  • Flame Ground buffed
  • Prominence buffed (more scaling with level)
  • Hell Breath untouched

For now I have:

  • Enchant Fire: 1/15
  • Fire Ball: 0/15
  • Fire Wall: 4/15
  • Fire Pillar: 10/10
  • Flame Ground: 15/15
  • Prominence: 5/5
  • Hell Breath: 10/10

This should be the same, the last four skills are must-max and the other two are utilities.

So how are you gonna respec your pyro-ele-tao?

Edit: since now we will have 6 more skill points at level 460, I suppose all the points will go into Elementalist class no?

I plan on doing:

  • Fire Charm 10, Snow Charm 10, Eradication 10, Strength Charm 5, Flame Radiation 10(+5)
  • Blizzard Storm 10, Meteor 10, Electrocute 15, Elemental Burst 5, Fireclaw 4, Hail 1.
  • Firewall 4, Enchant Fire 1, Fire Pillar 10, Flame Ground 15, Hell’s Breath 10, Prominence 5.

Might change Fireclaw and Electrocute around, depending on how Electrocute performs now that the synergy with storm calling is gone. And I’m not a huge fan of Lightning Orb, so I’ll skip it. Also no idea where to put the last remaining stat potion, probably going to dump into whichever elementalist skill is not maxed. Or maybe even put 1 point into Creeping Death, just because I really like Tao.

Eradication seriously nerfed due to arts being now pointless (SFR is equivalent at skill level 6)

Patch notes said overheat changed to 1 and increases final damage by 200%, isnt this a buff?

How u allocate ur skill points may depend on the set armor u have. I’m planning on using gabija(casting set) on my pyro so ill probably max out all the casting spells ie hail/electrocute/meteor for ele, divine retribution for tao. I’ll likely put the remaining points into flame/fire charm for the rest of Tao’s skill points because fire spells get 30% additional dmg from pyro’s staff attribute.

If ure using overload set then u might want to put more points into instant cast spells and avoiding spells like hell breath.

With this new update, there may be different skill allocations (for ele esp) depending on the armor set. I have a cryo ele tao too, which will probably have a slightly different skill build (more points into ice property spells) compared to pyro ele tao.


Level 10, so +80%
Fire Charm has about the same damage as Storm Calling, and it is a magic circle. And, because Pyromancer’s class attribute, it has +15% damage modifier, so good to have in a specialized magic circle build as this

I still think 5 points in Lightning Charm is really important. Yeah, +1% per level is not impressive, but the skill is too powerful to be ignored and not maxed out

The only skill in the Taoist tree I would argue is weak is Flame Radiation Charm, and, because Pyromancer, in this build, it has a +15% damage modifier that must be seriously considered for the rotation. Yeah, Death Charm and Erradication got more points to be maxed, but that are way stronger than before


Blizzard Storm is just Storm Dust, but ice damage. I think the synergy is gone, but we need to see in-game. But the winner of that synergy is Pyromancer, nothing that changes for Elementalist.
Eletrocute and Hail are too good to not be taken. Even if it is just Hail 1 and Eletrocute 10 (15, if you want so).
Meteor needs all 10 points to be the same as before, with just 5, so yeah a nerf, but too good (specially because Pyromancer)
And I need to be convinced better about Fire Claw. It just looks so bad…

Enchant Fire is a “weaker” version of Moringponia Staff for Pyromancers. And, as that Ichor, really bad in most cases that it shouldn’t
Fire Ball can be good with Gabija set (as powerful as a standard Meteor), but, without it, pretty bad
Fire Wall is better to be maxed, worse if just 1 point
Flame Ground buffed. And, because Fire Charm is a damage spell and has an attribute to allow Fire Ground to hit airborne monsters, the skill is better than ever
If the synergy between Flame Tower and Blizzard Storm remains and the Pyro Vaivora is equipped, Flame Tower must be maxed. If the synergy is gone, only take it for the Pyro Vaivora. My reasoning? Too high cooldown for the damage output.
Prominence buffed and Hell Breath untouched only solidifies what everybody already knew was good

My distribution so far:
Storm Calling 10
Erradication 5 (+1 points from the extra)
Fire Radiation Charm 15
Fire Charm 10
Lightning Charm 5

Eletrocute 10 (+5 from extra)
Hail 15
Meteor 10
Blizzard Storm 10

Fire Wall 15
Flame Ground 15
Hell Breath 10
Prominence 5

I’ve done a bit of testing tonight.


  • Flame Radiation Charm: decent skill, but we miss points for it (14k SFR when I tested it)
  • Creeping Death Charm: hits like a truck (24k SFR) and the arts for it is really awesome (half damage to target + half damage in an AoE around the target – this is pretty much the old Eradication arts but at 50% effect instead of 20%)
  • Divine Punishment: decent skill, but really hard to trigger without a proper target locked (9k SFR x3 without arts, 9k SFR x4 with arts)
  • Fire Charm: similar to pyro’s flame ground, another hard hitting skill (1.4k SFR x 24 ticks)
  • Snow Tempest Charm: even more hard hitting (33k SFR)
  • Eradication: good for large packs (10k SFR x3)

No, you just exchange 3 OH for 3x damage, so you deal exactly the same damage, it’s only good if you’re short on your rotation and you want to get the full damage immediately. The old arts was like the new Creeping Death Charm:Explosion arts, but with only 20% of the damage subtracted and dealt as AoE splash damage, which was insane in crowded fights like CM or DS.

  • Strengthen Charm: would be absurd not to level it up, but up to which point? At level 1 the damage ratio is 73.6% (attribute at 100), at level 5 it’s 80%.

My conclusion:

Flame Radiation Charm: 0/15
Fire Charm: 10/10
Creeping Death Charm: 10/15
Snow Tempest Charm: 10/10
Divine Punishment: 0/15
Eradication: 10/10
Strengthen Charm: 1/5

I leave 4 points as spare just in case I want to max Strengthen Charm.


Not much to do here. Just max Meteor and Elemental Burst. Electrocute is godly, should be near maxed. Hail is more here for CC, spares should go in it. Blizzard Storm is the old Storm Dust without any change except property, should also be left maxed. Lightning Orb doesn’t feel really great.

My conclusion:

Blizzard Storm: 10/10
Electrocute: 14/15
Lightning Orb: 0/10
Meteor: 10/10
Elemental Burst: 5/5
Fire Claw: 0/15
Hail: 6/15


Same class with buffs, just need to keep the same skills.

i use

playing around with spell rotations and damage factors, this is the setup that i think is probably comfiest.

creepy arts is pretty nice but punish doesnt get the bonus damage unless you full charge it (though u can 1tap it for short damage).

fire and snow charm is really nice consistent dps so they should be maxed.

the reason for no meteor is that meteor locks you into a flameground + meteor rotation which is actually more annoying than it seems, it also has the longest cast time and 30 sec cd.

fireclaw fits the aolution of low cd semi filler spell that does decent damage

+1 Energy Bolt
+5 Fire Charm