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Hi, the event is almost ending now, and I want to discuss these 2 builds: Pyro-Ele-Tao VS Pyro-Ele-Omny! Calling @icyruios from the other similar topic to discuss too, I want to focus on these 2.

I love the great AoE of Onmy and the extra CC (besides Hail/Stone Curse). In Uphill and solo CM/group CM i feel that Onmy do better being a mob damage/cc dealer. But about melting bosses, Saalus and other content I think Taoist is MUCHHH better. Do you tested these builds on PvP? I think Onmy could do better because of the AoE/CC instead of Tao ( the single target matter really shines on bosses or big enemies). It is hard to hit Creeping Charm and even Erradication on mid/short enemies or PvP. And the CD gap between the combos is much bigger with Tao. Am I wrong? I honestly prefer Onmy, but I think that in the end game content Tao do better. Onmy is that bad on Velcoffer? Did you guys tested those things?

PvP: Onmy is better (great AoE, damage without risking yourself, more CC, placing the Tao staff/charms is instakill);
Bosses/World Boss/Field Boss: Tao;
PvE single target (specially big sized): Tao;
PvE massive mob to damage/CC: Onmy;
Uphill: Onmy;
Saalus: Tao;
Solo CM: Onmy;
Group CM: Maybe Tao for the extra damage and group elemental buff? But lacks on big CD gap.
Velcoffer: Tao* ??? (after Re:Build, anyone tested Onmy?)
ET/Lolo: ?
Guild War: ?

Let’s discuss! What build is the more for “all jobs” embracing in the new meta? :wink:

I only know about PVE so here are my opinions.

  • I tried Onmyoji and yes the AOE is great. Pyro + Ele also provide good AOE but not as great as Onmyoji. However, the AOE really shine to me in instances like dungeons. In CM/ET whereby mobs come towards you repeatedly the AOE doesn’t shine as much. This is where Tri Disaster Charm really shine as well because mobs are clustered around a medium area radius.

  • Single target DPS wise Taoist is definitely much better. Creeping Death Charm x3 overheat is just great. Problem is that you will feel a bit sad when bosses run away so the best way to do it is to Hail/Stone Curse them beforehand. Of course this doesn’t work for bosses like Velcoffer and ET bosses. You might be thinking Onmyoji may be better because it does quick damage in 1 skill, notably Howling White Tiger and Water Shikigami (Toyou also due to its large AOE but if bosses really walk away from the skill then …). But if 1 Creeping Death Charm does like even 10 hits in that short span before the boss run away you are already doing more damage than 1 Onmyoji skill. Eradication is also very easy to spam all 3 overheat. Overall for end game content I would prefer Taoist.

The most important thing is which do you prefer. Yes Taoist might be the more popular build because it shines more in end game content but like you said, in other aspects like PVP (I didn’t try it) and Uphill the AOE really shine. I don’t think sacrificing Taoist for Onmyoji would warrant people to think you are not strong enough of a DPS class. If that is the case every other person with another class build would be unwanted in end game content. I played Onmyoji on my other character (Psychokino - Onmyoji - Alchemist) and the AOE is really fun to spam. Play what you like and most importantly have fun.

Well, comparing these 2 I rather HARD Onmyoji, I think the extra CC e and huge AoE is great, and other skill that ppl underrate is the Water Shield Shikigami, it wasnt build to use all the time, but about surviving matter is very useful against bosses or PvP, to just get you out alive. Whatever I do I dont like Tao at all. But I really think that the elemental buff and the Creeping Charm is worth in End Game content, more that Onmyoji.

Only thinf that really makes me frustrated about Onmy is boss killing. Tao is perfect on boss melting, Onmy lacks hard on this job… Is hard soloing a strong Boss with Onmy, but the survival skills is useful.

I don’t now. I dont like not even a little bit Taoist, but now that the event ends I’m going to give a shot and try testing Tao for more long time. If I dont like, I’ll change with TP.

@icyruios You kept Tao for the end game content? Or for Velcoffer? (I am focusing on Pyro-Ele, I dont care about other build because Im not playing with Alchemist or Chrono in PvE).

That depends on your focus. I don’t thing that PET>PEO is better in everything. Tao lacks a lot in Uphill, dungeons, massive mob control/damage. Tao sucks HARD in PvP.

There is a video showing how Pyro - Ele - Tao does in Velco. I think this build is good for all sorts of content. Then again Onmyoji is a good pick so if you really love playing it don’t worry just play what you like. What matters is you play what you like. Onmyoji gives a lot AOE which is great. Also the short cd means you have very little downtime, whereby when I play Pyro - Ele - Tao there would be a few seconds of downtime and I resort to spamming Magic Missile.