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Pyro > Ele > Chonro?

Anyone play this build? Im pyro > Ele and closing in on third class advancement. Tao was my choice originally because it rounds the build nice but I play alot with friends and guildmates so I’m wondering if I could make the chrono work here. I know I lose alot of boss dmg (Single target dps) without Tao so I was wondering if chrono’s skill CD’s resets and such would allow me to spam pyro > ele combos fast enough to make up for the majority of that loss while still allowing for clutch saves and party utility in Velc runs or CM7’s.

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Yes, it could work. You can cast Meteor with half time, and do 2 of them in a row. Also, Backmasking can extend fire pillar, fire ground and fireball+stormdust combo duration.

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I asked the same question on TOS reddit and someone is recommending tao ele chrono over pyro in the build. Is this advisable with all the synergy between pyro and ele?

The synergies between Pyro-Tao or Ele-Tao are better than Pyro-Ele.

Tao increases dmg of all fire, ice and lightning skills by 50%(up to 80% if you max the Tri-Disaster attribute), and the classes complement each other really well. Tao has amazing single target dps but subpar AoE, Pyro or Elementalist have great AoE but subpar single target.

It kind of annoys me how superior Taoist is in single target dps when compared to other wizard classes, but considering how much of the endgame content is bossing, it makes sense that Tao is so popular and recommended so much

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Thanks for the write up. So it seems Tao is kind of THE choice you take for ST dps and then fill your gaps with aoe or support. Which do you consider better in terms of AoE dps between say Pyro, Omny or Ele if matched up with Tao > Chrono? Only reason I ask if I havent played alot of wizard and dont know much about the class selection yet, seems like you will know more than me.

Also agree about Tao. Its seems very similar to Oracle for Cleric or Barbarian for warrior. Its just so good you almost gimp your entire toon if you skip it.

Elementalist would be the best option there.

Fantastic news. I like ele the most of those options too. Seems ill get to have my cake and eat it too so to speak. We’ll now the inevitable question… Skill build for ele tao chrono?

I play pyro ele chrono and i really enjoy it. Tao is strong but it has pretty big weakneses since creeping death charm has such a ■■■■ hitbox.

With chrono you dont even need hp pots cause you can just suicide with reincarnate for full hp, plus backmasking can double the duration of fire ground, pillar, and storm gust with the right timing in one cast. You may be able to squeeze a bit more damage out of tao but i like this build a lot more. You can move some skill points around if you want.

Thanks, I’m already pyro at this point so I plan to pick your build and then swap to tao later if i need the ST dps as I need class points still. How do you fair at bossing, Such as irridian dog for example? I wont lie, on paper its a hard sell not to take tao because it seems so damn broken.

Honestly, i havent tried amiss with my pyro yet cause i do it on another character, but i can give it a try on monday. Out of all my wizard builds its the best one, but i dont care as much about min maxing damage as long as its decent. I also think tao is super boring to play. But give both a shot, its not like its overly difficult to swap a class.

I also havent decided between maxing fireball or enchant fire yet, but i figured having some flat damage might be decent, and it applies to all spells. But flat damage is kinda weak overall in the current meta.

Well thanks for your help. If you get around to doing dog on Monday let me know. I’m interested to know if the extra fast combos make up for tao ST

I will record it and show you how slowly a mediocrily geared pyro ele chrono kills him. :haha:

Just got my velco staff so im interested too, but its hard to compare with whale ele tao chronos like palemoon.

yea i feel you there. My main is a goon that is only half geared so my Dog time is 8 mins =X but hey, I dont got the time to go ham gearing. Btw you recommend a staff over rod/shield? I was asking a guildmate about Pyro Ele Tao and he said use a rod for cast time reduction and survival at Velc but I assume with Chrono cast time reduction isnt as good and maybe a staff is more sought after?

Generally people will tell you to go rod shield, and generally they are right. However I went staff because I wanted more damage, dont have many cast skills, and I have quickcast anyway. Also it feels cooler. Pyro gets bonus fire damage making it more viable compared to other builds. But imo, personal preference.

This and full summoner are the only builds id argue for staff.

And my main is monk and it takes 9 minutes on dog. :tired:

I feel your pain brother in ■■■■ class.

alright, Ill stick with the rod/shield for training wheels then lol

Here you go:

you can take 1 point off missiles for quake if you need it

also here is the kill time of a relatively geared version of it:

Yeah, Palewhale’s Frieno in action ^^ But Creeping Death Charm is really strong, until velco takes one step then you lose what makes the class good and you’re stuck with doing actually nothing because you don’t have anything worth buffing with tri-disaster.

That’s mainly why I don’t like it.

It’s also why you see some parties shouting for falconers specifically, to get aiming so their tao isn’t useless.

With falco, suddenly OP again.

Frieno isnt really a big of an effect as you think for bosses. Although it does help, most of the damage is from the base skills.

Generally you need to position correctly and place charms down to try and get maximum damage, not just run up and cast it. This pairs to velco as well, a falconer is not needed if you know how to position correctly hence why the build has a higher difficulty to play.

Also in terms of falco, it’s not just Taoist that benefit greatly from that class, but pretty much any dps class enjoys it like mergen/dop/zealinq/bm etc.