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Pyffu teleport aoe hacking botting

At least it’s a valid link this time. Wait, it’s pyffu himself standing still in front of a tele hack bot.


Hmmmm… so you commented on Nima’s Report that has a false video on Pyffu… and now you’re also making another False report on pyffu 3 minutes after the post…


HOOOOO? Interesting. So it’s just a coincidence that whenever someone reports Nima, You immediately post a counter report on that person saying they’re a botter using fake youtube links? Bruh…

oh, my video. Thanks for sharing :3

IQ unlimited =))

Why everyone seems to be talking about nima and ignoring the real botter here which is Pyffu?

Joined 1 day ago. very very credible.

What a “genius” report thread, you use his video to report him with no evidence
I bet you are one of the bot being reported by Pyffu

Yes he is~ See my thread

Hello @evange

We will monitor the reported account. Thank you

YOU… look at the video please, the guy who is watching the bot is Pyffu himself, use your eyes, don’t make more mistake on this

@GM_Francis you should read this, all the link Sinfulken has made, are all fakes, at least investigate the evidence before saying anything, if you are human, not an automatic bot.

This is way too funny lmao

yes it is all funny and laughable for me to look at as a stranger :haha: until GM actually come and bite the bait that guy made, i can’t stand it

I wonder how many tags do we need to do to wake @GM_Francis up and see how bad he’s doing. Maybe he’s still sleepy

this guild sounds fishy

Now this is 400iq

video link:


Now I’m guessing with your reply, you’re also a bot. :expressionless:
What really surprises me is that bots nowadays counter-report players :sweat_smile: have this game gone popular enough to get infested by these type of people?

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