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PVP/RAID Full support equipment


I am planning to gear up my support healer with savniose set but i’m not sure if I should go for plate or clothes.

Also what accessory set is recommended?
I’m planning to use my healer for pvp contents mostly for gtw and maybe raid crow

Doesn’t matter if you go plate or cloth. Usually I go cloth when the character use a shield since you already get a lot of pdef from it and plate when using 2h weapon. Then balance your defense with Zaura/Nuaele (legend) cards. If you want to do pvp/endgame raid, defense is not your main concern. You want survivability (and since you will be the healer of your group, you also want to maximize your healing abilities), which means full ichoring your equipment with a lot of +CON and +SPR. If you go Savinose, you will need to reroll a lot for those stats. For accessory set, definitely use Carnas Zeisty set from the uphill shop: +150 SPR, +110 CON, +400 healing factor if enhanced and transcended to +10 (up to +560 if you can enhance further).