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PVP purp card selection questions

What is the best purp card to use for pvp?

I know there is noudai and crabil? anything prevents you from being knockdowned? i know GG doesnt work in pvp.


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Shadow galer to resist silence, mostly against Assa behead silence and the most important Reti net, if you get silenced by the net almost all Retis are Rode now so you are dead, but with shadow galer you have a chance to escape with some movility skill
(Dosen’t work against Rode Silence because Rode silence IS A BUG and is not considered a real silence for the game)
Another option is marionette for slow only if you are a class that can resist silence like PD, Murm, Lancer or shadowmeme with the clone shadow bug <_<

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who told you gazing golem doesnt work in pvp? been using it for some time and it does proc in tbl

Only summons or pets proc GG in TBL…

maybe you guys are basing yourselves on pre-rebuild? I have had various lancers proc my GGs on TBL

I have tested after rebuild and still didn’t work unless attacked by summons or pets.
I will try again soon and post the result here.

@edit: Still don’t work. Maybe a bug with lancers if it really proc on TBL.

Best option is either straight Crabil or straight Capria for stun or sleep resist. Stuns are more prevalent so that is the winner.

weird, yeah maybe I was just getting hit by pets or something

I’ll just replace mine with Crabil then, since people are saying that Rodelero’s 10-second silence is ignoring SG

Yes, shield push is ‘unbalance’ which has the effect of silencing you but isn’t coded as a silence for the purpose of shadowgaler cards.

Whether or not that is intended is arguable, considering it has done this since the game’s release.

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