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PVP Changes in Episode13

Amount of Damage and Healing in PVP area is adjusted.

  • Amount of Damage and Healing decreases by 50% than before in Gemstone Feud and Team Battle League.
  • Amount of Damage and Healing decreases by 75% in Guild Territory War.

whats going on here?? did they just literally reduce all damage for literally every class by Half??

i knew there were some OP classes that could 1-shot most classes but is this the FIX??
so does that mean it(PVP-BALANCE) was messed up all these years??

like i have never seen a Game that needs to write Hard-coded PVP code for like each and for EVERY SKILL AND CLASS separately …thats so stupid.

Block damage decrease rate of all Classes in PVP area is changed.
:arrow_forward: Block damage decrease rate when blocking is changed from 30% to 15%.
not sure why they bothered keeping BLOCK AS A STAT in the first place.

Looks like Smugis and all other Old Equip got Nerfed too…lol
there goes PVPing with old Gear…now u need to get Balinta(Non-PVP) set for Raids and something else for pvp.

with the Power Scaling for Damage gone over the Sky and having YEARS of POWER UPGRADES for classes, they completely forgot about the PVP Aspect.

Also i noticed the TBL is completely Empty or its the same 1 (3vs 3) whales match going over again and again.
Maybe everybody is busy doing Ep13 Quests and lvling and Raids…
or its just like always the PVP IS JUST COMPLETELY DEAD IN TOS…