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PvE Swordsman build?

I have a couple of swordsmen who are completely blank, and I have no idea what to do with them. I tried waiting to see what people could make from the RE:Build, but I am still unsure.

I have two builds, Cleric and Wizard which I use a lot to share:

Bossing Wizard

DPS Cleric Updated

Are there any good all rounder builds for PvE and bossing? Or any other way to utilize them?

Vanilla Highlander/Barbarian/Doppel is still one of the top solo PVE Swordsman Build.

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Yeah, that was gonna be a fallback build, or Pelt, Rod Murm.

Fencer>Matador>Doppel/Pelt/something else still works really well.

Matador is pretty good in rebuild. Fencer syngeries with it and the last class choice is up to your preference.

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at the moment i changed from my pelt/rode/murm build and went with murm/dop/barb, solo’d cm7 in astral 21F yesterday it wasn’t that hard but needed to use a couple of small elixirs. Pelt seems like a waste at times, but then again i am using full solmiki plate set and armaos cards

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Any reason to use armaos over Zaura? besides budget of course.

All depends on what you’re doing and you’re stats. For me, since i farm CMs everyday on that character, farm HG sometimes, Solmiki and Velcoffer on it every week, I choose 3 level 10 Armaos cards. It provides a lot of damage reduction and triggers a lot. Not only does it save me potions, but also repair cost since i could do 6 CM stage 1-5 runs before needing a repair or 3 stage 1-6 runs. If you’re PvPing mostly or primarily focused on PvP I’d say choose the other ones being Zaura/Nuaele I guess. Armaos sadly doesn’t activate from player damage.

Hello can i get you skill build on your pelt rode murm char before?

i think it looked somthing like this

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Thank you very much!