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Purifying stone gimmick

Was this changed recently?

Up to now you would stay outside of the inner circle and enter at 20/30 to put it back to 30/30 and it would consume one stack, but I did WBR today and each time I entered the middle at 20/30 it was wiping 12-15 even 20 stacks at the same time immediately (all stacks were gone after two minutes), does it also accounts for the boss or the little demons summoned by the assault gimmick that stand inside the circle? Does it count the time you spend in the “in-between” area? Because this makes WBR unplayable at the moment…

[Same problem happens in JSR, sometimes you lose one stack, sometimes you lose (number of partymembers) stacks.]

Tried again. Not this. Boss was kept bottom left and as soon as the center reached 20/30 and I entered it my stack count decreased instantly from 80 to 65. Staying in the center while the area is blue decreases stacks by 1. Leaving the center and coming back incorrectly decreses stacks now. This started to appear a few weeks ago when they added new effects to bosses (like bleeding). I suspect this is the cause of he bug.

Once the area becomes green it does small poison explosions randomly inside the big circle area if you get hit you lose poison stacks too but as shinobi for example you lose extra stacks if your clones get hit by them, may I ask your class? it could be related to the extra poison stack lost

Yes that’s the problem. It triggers 4-5 times instantly and removes a big chunk of the stacks. Totally random.

From persional experience,
not too sure but for your reference _(:3

To prevent the stack loss usually need some teleport, dash etc skills
to diretly warp into the inner circle, so we wont get hit by the green fumes…

JSR gives 20 immunity stacks per player, WBR gives 80 immunity stacks
Beware of denoptic freeze paralyzes etc etc

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