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Psychokino Telekinesis Idea's

Hey there.

I don’t see anyone really using this skill much. I don’t even use it myself. Only targeting one enemy is not helping this skill. The game has multiple mobs attacking you and for PvP you will have another player just knock you out while using it.
I was thinking of a few ideas that could help the skill be more effective and useful, while still dealing decent damage. Here are a few made up ideas:

#1) Telekinesis could instead be an AoE skill and lift a limited amount of targets up and slam them to the ground once or twice. The amount of targets could be 8 to 10 max. And the damage could be adjusted to fit a one or two hit skill.

How it works: Player levitates in the air (becoming flying type) for a brief moment (looks similar to how meteor works) and then the player reaches out with his hand, grabs multiple mobs, and lifts them in the air and slams them down to the ground 1or 2 times.

#2) Telekinesis could function similar to snowball in Cryomancer tree.

How it works: Player creates a psychic aura around himself. Anything that touches the aura gets grabbed and tossed/pushed back once, taking damage (around 700% to 800% each push). The skill will only last for a few seconds, maybe 5 seconds. Cooldown could be kept the same (30 seconds).

#3) Telekinesis grabs targets (max would be 3) that are in range of the skills AoE and tosses them around the caster (in a circle) for a few seconds, maybe 5 to 8 seconds. Anything that touches the targets that are grabbed by telekinesis, will take damage (300% to 400% each hit) including the ones that were grabbed by the skill. The hits to targets within range could be every 0.5 seconds.

Just a few things I thought of. Would love to see other ideas from players as well. Thank you.

Like you many of us have suggested similar changes to the skill throughout the years and nothing has changed…

I just gave up using the skill even though it has some interesting uses like swap…

and removing them from my character completely help me forget haw wasted they are…

at least they didn’t go the alchemist route of removing the skill completely so :confused:

Hello Ironheart!

We appreciate your insights about Psychokino’s Telekinesis skill. We will forward this to our development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future.

Thank you for playing Tree of Savior!


Best not to give up. :thumbsup:

I’m sure they will make more skill changes in the future. Just think how the skills were a while back and didn’t scale at all. That feels like it’s a totally different world from what the current one is now. :rofl:

Thank you Francis! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Ironheart!

We will always try our best to improve the game so that everyone could enjoy playing.

Thank you for playing Tree of Savior!

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