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Psychokino, Sage, Chronomancer! Timey-Wimey Space Wizard?

Hi y’all!

I’m a new player to tree of savior and am building towards a kino, sage, chrono wizard! I’ve been trying to find some guides into this sort of composition, but it does not seem like quite a popular build (reasonably so, it seems like the synergy doesn’t urge towards high dps). However I am still eager to follow through with it because I enjoy the concept of a space/time control wizard.

I was wondering if any of y’all can help me with a skill build that has a very decent and comfortable PvE experience that is also viable in PvP and makes the most sense (synergy wise). I’ve seen individual guides on each of the classes, but I was wondering what each of your thoughts were on a build to help all these class synergise well together.

I was thinking of building something like this:

What do y’all think? c:

I’d be honest, this build isn’t viable in PvE at all, except when party really really need some crowd control. But it will give you lots and lots of salt in PvP tho cause you will immobilize people with magnetic force and dimension compression art while removing buffs with heavy gravity + time forward. Make sure to pick up the vaivora time rush rod (it’s cheap) for even more time forward and at least bring damage to mosquito bite level.


Thanks for the honest reply! Honestly, the more you talk about it, the more I think it’d be a blast in PvP! Hahaha, sounds like a nightmare to deal with.

But yeah, the more I thought about it the more I realised it’d probably be the case. Would you say that’s mostly the build itself or just the classes’ synergy together? You think there would be a way to amp up its PvE-ness?

You need a Vaivora Rod to make this build work, or rather any build with Chronomancer in it, but even then your DPS will be below other more popular builds.

You can try to replace Chronomancer with Onmyoji, as it has some decent synergies with Psychokino. Onmyoji will receive an ARTS that will greatly increase the damage of psychokinesis and non-attribute magic skills soon, which Psychokino and Sage have a lot of.

Cryomancer as a replacement for Chronomancer also works, because it has synergies with both Psychokino and Sage.

Psychokino will receive a rework in the near future, at least on the Korean server, so maybe that’ll open up some new build possibilities.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m in I think what is called a growth server(?) so I can’t seem to find any Vaivora Rods yet. I was definitely interested in the Cryo, Kino, Onm build, but figured I’d stick with my theme at least for my first high level character ever, hahaha.

Interesting to hear that there will some sweet changes to some of these classes like Kino! :o I don’t know what else is getting some tweaks in reworks, but I’m hoping that Chronos will also get some love, they seem like such a dead class from looking up more about them… :c

growth server probably won’t drop Vaivora Rod in a while, but when November come and you merge with the main server you could buy one (unless you play in EU server).

Happened yesterday already (on Season SEA). The server has plenty of VVRs at this point that there are some being sold in the Market already.

Quite a handful of Scouts running around with perma-clones too.