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PSA: A1 R1 A2 is the best opening for 90% of archer builds

Stop going ranger2. I always feel bad for every new archer I see that picks up ranger2 pre rank4 advancement. Ranger2 is pure trash and it locks you into going for either ranger3 or instead staying with ranger2 and getting archer2.

This isn’t Korean tree of savior, itos ranger3 is awful compared to Korean Ranger3. Get 1 rank in ranger or no ranks at all.


While I agree that in the game’s current state this is advisable, we’re still not 100% certain that Ranger C2-3 won’t get buffed/fixed in the future.


Everyone should be a archer c2




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You are uttering this garbage in almost every post about skill builds. Don’t do PSA’s without any proof or back-up. I can only appreciate this information with proof. Or else just stfu. Tyvm.

Already done the math and posted multiple times, swift step crit buff with steady aim 5 will give you on average a 7.8% increase in dps over steady aim 15 for skills like magic arrow, retreat shot, musket skills and cannon skills with BiS equipment.


That’s only 2 ranks of investment For steady aim 5 and archer2 swift step crit outdpsing steady aim 15, a buff you have to invest 3 ranks to get

Additional ranks into ranger is bad in our current state of he game, the Koreans only did because steady aim was 5x stronger on their version.

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Relatively new player here. I currently went A1>A2>R1 on my build (going for the typical fletcher 3 end-game), lv 51 atm. Based off of your data, would you recommend going scout 1 for my next circle, rather than R3?

If so, what’s the benefit of scout over R2? Thanks!

Flare shot is a ground aoe skill that does 30 hits in 15 seconds and you get cloak which is a perma +5 movement speed outside of combat.

Do whatever you want with that info. The top world bossers run A2 Ranger1 Scout1 for a reason.

in simple terms ranger1 gives 10% dps increase, ranger 2 15%, ranger 3 20%
ranger 1 gives the best benefits while it can be argued if archer2 is better than the ranger2 5% dps increase.

One sided information. Expand more on all the skills up to A2 and R3, then compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the skills. Also the leveling process without barrage. Will multi-shot suffice? is it better? What about Barrage? 5 arrow point blank damage?

You can’t say x is better than x just because of one skill. It is nice that you are trying to help the community, but I think you need an in-depth analysis.

i do really hate time bomb arrow though.

I’ve posted information regarding this so many times, I’m just gonna copy and paste my previous posts.

For ranger3, None of its skills scale well to warrant additional ranks, because of the nature of how scaling damage works in this game, it’s always better to invest into more additional hits (multiplicative scale)than it is to increase skill damage (additive scaling)
Increasing barrage to 15 from level 5 only gives you a +300 damage on your 3 barrage casts which equates to +1500 damage per cast and 4500 damage overall. When you have 1000 physical damage from stats, that 300 extra damage doesn’t look to fancy.
However, increasing multishot to level 10 from level 5 gives you 5 extra hits, going from 6 hits to 11 hits. This translates into 10 extra hits that all get added with damage from weapons, strengths, and buffs. So if you’re in your late game and have 1000 damage from gear and stats, those extra 20 hits translate into +10000 damage vs +4500 damage from barrage.

So when you math out how much potential ticks damage you can do in a 15 second window, people have found that if you go A2 for 11 hits on multishot x2, R1 for 5 hits with barrage x3, and flare shot for 30 hits in a 15 second duration, this translates into about an increase of 67 total hits that all get individually buffed by elemental damage, blessing, weapon damage, STR, physical damage, and crit attack. if you only went a1 ranger3, you only get 15 hits from barrage, 12 from multishot, and 12 from spiral arrow (39 hits vs 67 hits)

Tl;dr getting additional ranks in ranger is a waste because the skills have poor scaling past rank1

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i went ranger 3. it’s fun. i play games to have fun. bounce shot is the most beautiful archer skill for me aside from broom trap

listen to him. so math. much wow.

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If you don’t have a good argument please don’t show your ignorance.

@Mirarara welcome to the archer subforums. you must be new here

and that statement was quite redundant. read your post again :slight_smile: now, try to understand how the original post is written, understand how it doesnt really need to be taken seriously. i’ll get back to you when you do.

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sudonim7 IS ALLWAYS trying to justify his rerrol, so he comes with tons of reasons and he says the same thing.

In other topic I gave my arguments, but he is close minded.

Can be helped.

For him, the glass is allways half empty.

@tonyostark @FLoki

Doesn’t matter. For anyone that’s new here you two are the close minded here.

And don’t ask me to search through the archer subforum for anyone’s history or guide, anyone with sufficient experience in this forum or any tos community knew that none of the information being discussed can be trusted.

Archer 2 > Sapper 1> x > x > x > x. I’ve got very bad experience about ranger when i play icbt2, so i never take any rank of ranger anymore

You don’t need r3 to do the feint barrage combo, you only need ranger1 and rogue1 and the combo does more or less 85-90% of the same damage.

You can invest those 2 extra ranks into more meaningful classes like rogue2 instead of picking up scout1 at rank 6.
Ranger3 is too greedy and consumes too many ranks for too little benefit.

So instead of you going Ranger3 Rogue1 and then backtracking to Scout1 at r6, you can instead just go R1, filler rank, scout1, rogue1, rogue2…