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Hi there
When will Tree of Saviour go on PS4/Ps5 please? Ff14 is on there!
Thank you

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this game isnt even optimized to the fullest in its main platform pc, porting will just give them huge workload when their team is small already, with tight budget, and they got tons of rebalancing homework and money making development to keep the pc platform alive. tbh i dont think they have the money to pay for the devkit, hire extra dev to port let alone pay the licensing cost.
its not as simple as you think.


Which is a shame really. I just came to know this game thanks to Strife’s quick overview video and looking at the barely active forums and subreddit (posts were couple of days apart) really kinda push me away. PS4/PS5 port is unlikely at this point but marketing is where they have to do better.

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Not even great marketing will do tbh. This game is beyond saving. It’s losing its momentum in mmo market. It’s now like some indie game, with private server like population. It’s only milks the last spurt of it’s loyal p2w rn. They sorta rushes rebalance classes rn, but the problem is beyond that. The early game was fun, but that’s 4 years ago. It’s like watching tv, nobody ever do that anymore, not when you up to better entertainment from internet.

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comparing this game to ffxiv is downright evil
they are on different league



Ffxiv currently having surge of playerbase since end of oct, it’s having all time peak 90k, having it’s seemingly last patch nearby, and even if you are subbed and the game having like 50+ server/world across na/eu/jp you still have to queue to login and if you are on free trial it’s even worse to the point the dev told you not to idle in game and logout instead due to players congestion issue

Meanwhile tos population is quite the opposite and the dev would prefer you to idle in game to get popo point and doing the boring-mechanic fishing event.

Brah, that game has over 1m population of peak, the steam launcher is used by a fraction of the playerbase, that’s why you queue

Ah yes ofc steam wise beause I talked about how op compared ff xiv to itos where itos only available on steam
To compare the population as steam game is already ridiculous but to compare it to overall population of ffxiv is practically a joke
Even when all tos servers in the world ktos, itos, jtos and maybe any other regional tos that still exist combined it won’t stand a chance against ffxiv
Tos is somewhat indie game nobody know exists until probably youtube give you some weird recommendation

craaahp i thought this is some official post that they finally add playstation porting LOL
i be like why the hell they suddenly port it anyway…
honestly i think they will lose more money from porting than the possibility of making money because consoles like xbox/ps owners art reference is rather realistic style or full 3d while tos art style is like some indie cutie stuff. Unless we talk about handheld console like switch there may be more fan for this art style but why bother when they gonna make tos mobile
also get real man, tos current peak playerbase probably gonna fill 10% of ffxiv single world capacity, single world, its gonna be green all day all night even when its peak, no peak hour, no queue, thats when ffxiv have like almost 70 worlds across three regions, how could you say “ffxiv is there why tos not?”
you compared some billionaire living in resort and ask a homeless man why you dont have a resort?? hahaha
of course being in ps doesnt mean its grande, but it means its confident for more money making in another platfrom but i dont know for tos case where would that confidence coming from to porting to ps after all this year ps4/ps5 and even ps3 been existed


I think that if Tree of Savior was not released for PS4 / PS5, then rather the developers thought that it was not so good. I think they should poll the fans before creating versions for other platforms.

For an mmo with p2w elements porting to another platform isn’t simple matter that decided over poll or voting. Porting to another platform core decision is business, more platform means wider market, more probability to raise money, and honestly if even if i’m hired as their marketing or analyst, based on data publicly provided and maybe even private data about their sales this game won’t make it through another platform. 4 years ago if they did the game rightfully porting might raised them good but now its just waste of development effort that’s also very lackey resource for them. They should save their effort to bare minimum and not try to dream high, much like everyone expectation, just to keep this game alive

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