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"protection mode issue"


how should i fix this? can someone help me about this?


Weird error. I haven’t seen it before. However you can try few following solutions:

  1. Check if tos is added to firewall exception list yet or not
  2. Go to tos folder, right click on it, choose Properties, uncheck the read-only box and apply to all files and folder inside. Go inside folder and check if tos_client.exe and updater.exe are in read-only mode or not. If not then it should be fine.

If these can’t help then I may need to use TeamViewer to take a look at your computer later if you allow. Good luck~


thanks… i’ll try it on…


Seems like your account is locked ? Perhaps a staff would solve this


it’s still can’t log in… sad :frowning:


Normally if your account is suspended, you will get a message like when server is under maintenance. I will be home around 1 hour more so let’s see. Else you need to contact staff to check if they lock your account or not


It means your account has been flagged for potential abuse (botting, macro-ing, etc.). Just file a ticket and if you did nothing wrong, you should be able to regain access quickly.

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