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Propose to change gtw time in sea server

  • Team Name: DestinedWing

  • Server: Telsiai

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    As now GTW trial period was available in all servers, we, as a player from SEA server, want you to reschedule GTW time from 10.40 PM server time, which is morning here, to 9-10 AM server time instead. Although, it’s a trial period, the current timing is really bad for people here. Hope you understand and take action properly. I’m not sure this concern is happened for other regions, or not.

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Morning war -> doomed on SEA.
Please, set the evening time when Territory wars will be finaly implemented.

agreee, please reconsider the time, at the current time only less than half of our guild member can join the gtw


Please make GTW great again 10 ppl war xD oh WTF morning timeee

@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @GM_Francis

Have GTW in bed head must be so LOL

We cant war as same time with NA sv. because that is working time in SEA. Change please IMC

Agree. 9-10 AM SV times please :slight_smile:

Agreed, It’s working period can’t joint GTW.

I agree, i can’t war at that time
so, please set the evening time
@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ines

Ok, we will change the GTW test time to 9-10 AM server time during next maintenance for SEA :wink:
But the schedule of the tests may be altered at any time without prior notice.
It may different schedule according to the needs of the test.


Early bird gets the talt… I mean worm!

@STAFF_Amy Wait, wait, wait.
Please don’t forget the other servers, take care of their times as well if you want to have proper tests.
It looks like every server had GTW activated, so please make sure the times are appropriate;
SA could be 8pm server time ± hour
EU could be 3pm server time ±1 hour

Maybe even make another poll like last time if you are unsure.
You could have at least used the times from the last poll when the old GvG was still enabled.