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Problem with Skill Reset Potion (14days)


hi! (my english is some bad… sorry for that!)
I just used a reset potion skill and my attribute points were not placed on all the skills u.u
my job tree is Cleric, Paladin, Plague Doctor and Exorcist
paladin and plague doctor attribute points are OK
but Cleric and Exorcist NOT
the skills are:
HEAL: heal(linger) and heal(enhance)
GUARDIAN SAINT: guardian saint(enhance)
RUBRIC: propagate is at 0 but before it was at maximum
(rubric enhance is OK at lv 35)

those passive skills are in “related attributes” but in lv0 and “on”
if I put the cursor over, those passive skills do not appear

I’m waiting for an answer! thx4all!



Hi? No GM here?.. I would like someone to solve my problem… :confused:



I had the same problem. It was solved only when I reseted a class for another. Then the attribute points were reseted. but if you don’t have this option, you have a big problem.


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