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Problem with my third character . (0000fps , no fps)

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Server Name: [SEA] Telsial

Team Name: Moon0101

Character Name: Kirlia033

Bug Description :
What i mean about no memory is this. Usually when this happen, we can either change map by using quest warps or we move to other maps to settle the problem.
But, this problem happen too frequent on my third character after the patch (usually this problem happen 1 time when i change 3maps or change channels 3 times. Sometimes more frequent.) , and my first and second character never encounter this problem.

Is anyone faced the same problem?? Hope IMC notice this.

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  • Country, Region : Malaysia

Forgot to mention, i have only 3 characters and 2 pets. This character is the latest character from my team.

The problem is getting serious. I now need to keep changing the map about 10-20 times in order to use that character. I can’t level up it, and this character become a TRASH !!!