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Problem with classes

So hi guy’s sorry for this question it may be already asked a thousand time and i already did some research but its not enough clear .
So here’s my question i’m actually lv 45 and barbarian 20 and i cant pick a 2nd subclasses so if someone can explain how it work i’ll be thankfull thx by advance :smiley:

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Well, you have 2 types of level, your character’s level and your class level, the first time you need class level 15 to pick another class when you start, after that you need class lvl 45 to pick more classes, the character’s level doesn’t influence on your class (same for learning skills). If you played Ragnarok Online at some point you should recognize this system, they had character’s lvl and job lvl, in this game it works the same


I see now thx a lot :grin: