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[Priest] Sacrament X Aspersion

If you could choose just one skill, which one would it be? Sacrament or Aspersion?

Sacrament at Lv 10 = Holy Property Attack +40 / Additional Damage +40.

Aspersion at Lv 10 = Physical Defense + 48%.

Hm, that depends on several other factors…

If I also took Blessing, I’d definitely choose Sacrament, or if I wanted to give other tanks more defense, I’d choose Aspersion.

Priests have always been pretty difficult for me to build due to how many useful skills they have. :sweat_smile:

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If you’re a melee dps take Sacrament 10.

If you’re a support, I’d probably split points in both. Phys Def only scales flat anyway.

You’re misrepresenting a little here.

Aspersion isn’t +flat, it’s +%.

Namely +20%+2%/level, which could become very impressive with the right build, as it bases that % on final defense, considering all other buffs on your defense. The invincibility after you icoin revive is/was caused by a +10,000 defense buff that Aspersion can pull from (which is a bug/unintended).

Sacrament isn’t just a +80 attack, its actually +40 holy elemental additional damage, and an additional hit with base damage of 40, that adds all elemental damage to it.

So Sacrament adds ~120 damage to your basic attack, and doubles any other elemental damage you may have floating around, such as the +157 from the Arde Dagger, or whatever Blessing gives you.

I think he meant damage reduction provided by phys def is flat . Haven’t tested that myself, but I’ve read that a few times on the forum. For example, if you have 30 phys def and a monster has 100 attack, you would take 70. I doubt the formula is this simple but you get the idea.

But to answer, i would say it depends who you are partying with. If you are a solo user with an occasional buddy then i would probably go sacrament. If you have a regular buddy who uses auto attack, i would get both. If you have a regular buddy who tanks and doesn’t auto attack i would get aspersion. Getting both would be a good default though imo.

The formula is:

Sacrament falls in to “Extra Elemental Attack”
Aspersion falls into “Defense”

As for OP, if both values are flat, Sacrament with +40 Holy Property Attack (which can only reduce by Elemental Resistance) maybe better. Adding a holy property damage can come handy.

As for Aspersion, it is being scaled by percentage maybe slightly better in the long run, but since this is after the multiplication of T0 (the skill base scaling damage), it will not by much, as you indicated, it may only be -5% of the overall damage.

It’s also worth noting that Blessing stacks onto Sacrament’s Holy attack property. So when you have Sacrament and Blessing active, you’re essentially doing (Your base damage + Sacrament’s Damage Boost + Blessing’s Damage boost) + (Sacrament’s Holy Property + Blessing’s Damage boost) with one auto attack.

That said, if I were going a more physical route, I’d max out Sacrament. But since Priests are more hybrid of pretty much everything without having a defining factor, mixing between the two to have better utility isn’t bad of a choice.

Choose one of the below options:
(Consider this situation: A Priest helping a melee class, like Dragoon)
Would you like to give him more def? Or more attack?

Aspersion Lv 10 + Blessing Lv 10 + Sacrament Lv 5
Aspersion Lv 5 + Blessing Lv 15 + Sacrament Lv 5
Aspersion Lv 15 + Blessing Lv 5 + Sacrament Lv 5
Aspersion Lv 5 + Blessing Lv 10 + Sacrament Lv 10

At Dragoon level, Aspersion maybe better than Blessing and Sacrament, but I think they prefer level 1 Monstrance, since I talked to many swordsman, and they are DEX based. Simply heal them afterward rather. Remember, unless you have Daino (scroll or Krivis), otherwise, you have limited buffs.

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Hey, thanks for your reply!
This is the build that I’m planning to follow:

What do you think about it?

My best guess for your build is a mixed of SPR and INT support? It seen like you’re pooling lot of skill points toward magic spell based other than making an effective melee priest.

Especially for C1 Cleric circle, I recommended removing Cure if you’re going straight up melee build with Plague Doctor in which provide you a load of options for abornomal status removal and defensive skills.

I also recommended using C2 Priest +C1 Krivis if you’re planning to use Daino as an extension buffs in party play. C3 Priest skills Exorcise is INT based and Stone Skin sound pretty nice, but I do rather spare one class rank for other effective classes as melee like Paladin or Monk

You can also extended C1 Krivis to C2 Krivis for Divine Stigma to enhanced Incarnation duration/damage, but I wouldn’t recommended using Plague Doctor’s Incarnation as a main DPS skill, because it required too much time to spare up with other status aliments.

Lastly, I would removed Oracle for a different classes (Depending on which role you play) and leave Oracle for a pure supportive classes.

You should be maxing out a several skills like Beak Mask (Optional for PvP against crowd control and disable skills), Blessing, and Sacrament to enhanced your melee DPS further.

Apart from this, I’d recommended using this build if you’re looking for a high tier INT Krivis/PD build.

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