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Priest, Priest buffs and party buffs in general (Feedback&Suggestions)

Playing a Priest-Chaplain I feel it is not as helpful as it could be in parties where there is another full support Priest. I do feel like Priest-Chaplain is not a bad combo on it’s own but partying brings up small issues that I think could be solved.

Buff(/Debuff) Stacking

One of the issues that buff classes have is that their buffs don’t stack in any way. I know mostly it’s the same in other games too so in a way it could be neglected. I just feel like here in tos it’s still a bit different because it somewhat spoils the possibility of some builds. Like both Priest-Chap or Diev-Chap and other builds that include a buffer class can feel a bit less useful in parties for example.

I also totally understand from balance issues it can’t just simply be stacked together but I still think some level of stacking would be nice.

Solution 1: Only x% of the buff is applied from the second caster.
Solution 2: Give them attribute that turnes the buffs to something else.
Solution 3: Give them extra effect when they are “stacked” but don’t stack the original effect.
Solution 4: Give them a “solo” attribute. Turning on the “solo” attribute makes the buff only apply to you and removes your party version if you have it on. Although if you get the party version from another character then it stacks with your solo version. This version could be also weaker than the original or something if needed.

Or tbh depending of the buff it could be different. Not every buff have to get the same solution.

Debuffs can have the same issue but they are in a better position than buffs I think.


I know the class is usable and works but it still has issues imo.

I play as Priest Chaplain as I said and I do enjoy it but I can’t even take skills that maybe would be an obvious choice because they have horrible scaling.


Even on lvl 1 it’s a full uptime skill. It’s a one extra hit skill. It’s not add damage that adds to every hit… it’s just one hit. Why would I care to maximise it for like 1k extra damage on that 1 hit?

Let’s say you hit a weekly boss 1000 times in a match… that’s still just 1m damage when we have to do billions now. it’s not worth it over like anything… Also in joint strike… ok let’s say 5 ppl constantly hitting the boss… 5m extra damage? Not even party-wise makes sense that adding levels to Sacrament does nothing. It’s not even useful for classes that use 0 AA.
I’m also not sure the SPR scaling makes sense on it tbh. It actually could be turned into what last rites was.

Solution 1: Better scaling?
Solution 2: Extra effect. For example +1% holy or magic or additional damage /lvl… Yeah not even much and still would make me go for it.

Solution 3: (This is a more wild idea that definitely supports chaplain maybe abit too much so bare with me) Add like 1% chance/lvl to autocast Turn Undead on Sacrament hit.

Solution 4: (This is a bit more about the stacking issue but also adds actual scaling) Add a “solo” attribute that turnes sacrament into a more active self-buff skill and gives 1 extra hit on basic attack like original but only for like 2/lvl attacks. So on max lvl for 20 basic attacks you would have 1 extra hit. Can be used with original sacrament if you get it from another character than you.

Turn Undead

It had it’s uses for a bit in Dimensional Collapse but even there you could have just lvl 1 and as we got stronger I think more and more ppl don’t even need to rely on a TU priest to do DCP.
My other problem is that if it is a 15 level skill it means you could sacrifice 15 points for it…why can’t skills like these be better? (same as Dievs Carve attack with the same problem)
I think this skill could be more useful.

Solution 1: Just as I mentioned in Sacrament it could have a synergy that it has a chance to be autocasted on a Sacrament hit.

Solution 2: Give it an ART… Remember Exorcise skill? I do. Give it back to me. Make TU change into Exorcise with ART. It’s a good multihit skill so it has synergy with blessing so it makes sense to me. it doesn’t even have to be super strong. Skill levels could determine how long it lasts or how many hits it has so TU levels would make sense and have a different use.

Aspersion has a stacking “problem” too but in a dps build I could choose to go for TU…if it would be useful in any way…


It’s much better than Sacrament cause it’s actual add damage but still the scaling/lvl is a bit questionable.


Really good skill and all but I think at this point it could be just a 1 pointer skill to ease the pain of allocating points. (if other skills would be actually more useful first tho)

Bit of feedback of other buff classes I’m familiar with:


Carve Attack and even Owl feels neglected at this point to me. Diev could fit in some Physical builds too but the buffs not stacking and skills like Carve attack not being useful not helps. Then also there is Rumpel armor ichor that is not even good for anybody… idk there are definitely issues around there…


Feels plain a bit…
Idk if anyone is able to use Quicken for anything.
Still don’t get why you have to restrict reversi in places.


Totally plain, no concept class at the moment imo…that has okay buffs… I have pretty obvious ideas what an enchanter could be but that’s maybe another topic for another day.

I know these classes are in a better position than for example shop classes and I could also continue with usless skills from other classes like Carnivory or Mortal Slash of Templar…but I stop it here for now.