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need help for my class skill build on this class .
semi healer/dps

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can someone have this class share there skill build ?

I can only somewhat help with priest-diev.

Not sure how good cure is, since leveling it only increases the chance. Either put the rest in cure or fade. You can leave revive at 1 and make sacrament 9 if you like. Not much knowledge about miko, other than that clap is helpful to diev.

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build mostly for cm, world tree not that good there.
sacr vs turn undead 5 points ur choice.

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World tree is no good?
If I remember correctly, silenced enemies cannot attack right?

World Tree is still good despite of only silencing few mobs.

Also, you need to acknowledge that Omikuji buff is still bugged when used near Dievdirbys statues.

This is my build for solo CM until Stage 5. I will try on Stage 6 / 7 when I got myself Velco 2H Mace (with Wastrel 2H Mace Ichor).

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thanks for the reply guys …i can now spam cm stage5 in only 9-11min with semi afk .
btw im using +16 t8 velco rod since my main is wizard .
im quite new in this game .
whats ur opinion guys ? any tips when spamming cm ? cards needed for cm ? etc.
right now all my armors have +looting chance .im working now for 3 gorkas card .

u can use purple %sp/per kill cards vs elements,red for damage ,green stats and blue armaos =)