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Priest FS quetion

Hi, I am a returning player in Tree Of Savior, to be honest i am currently Blind in term of what to build?

I hope there is somebody who can help me build

Firstly I had did my homework, just came down to 3 build that I am wondering which is better.
I will 100% uses Cleric -> Priest ->Oracle ->

But what will be my 3rd job?
Is it …

Diev - For the mana and skill reduction
PD - For the speed buff as well as the healing factor
Paladin - for the Def Buff

Lastly what stats should I add?
All Con or Spr?

Please i hope somebody will be able to help me with this.


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all have merits as a last class, beside the ones mentioned, if you add druid you can have an aoe heal with arts, pardoner has a magic def buff and aoe heal over time

so short answer: the last class is entirely up to you both have negatives and pros

mostly popular build now are priest oracle diev. Most people now love CD reduction. PD speed buff are nerfed when at Legend raid and with high spr also healing power, healing factor is overshadowed with heal : lingering attribut from cleric.

your stats are mostly spr, then from equip, you can take SPR CON.

hope that helps

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