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[Price Check] On variety of Hair accessories, just got back into the game

just got back into the game, and were shock at how expensive things are… omg…
back in the day, hp costume is useless and mag atk/mag amp are important… is that still a thing now?

so price check on all these?
I also want to know which one is better for hair 1 as well… i am wiz 3 ele 1 atm… might switch to wiz 2 libnk 2 thaum 2 ff2 in the future.

popolian doll hair 1
Mag amp 84
holy atk 54

popolian doll hair 1
1551 hp

hanaming dol hair 1
mag atk 93

Goat horn hair 2
hp 2151
mag amp 87

Goat horn hair 2
phys def 70
accuracy 14
physical attack 99

nesting egg
sp recovery 29

ginko leaf magic atk 78