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Possibly Paladin's Sanctuary bug?

Bug Description :
Sanctuary, a Paladin’s skill that increase both physical magical defenses. While physical defense is stated to be increase by x% at skill description, magical defense is quite strange. It is over 90… erm 41541%. I try using the skill and then check at F1 status screen, it is increased at nearly the same % as physical defense.

Further experiment by un-equip all armors and shield…Bingo ! They all are related to amount increase at skill description as seen in the vid.

Screenshots / Video :

The tooltip for the skill % is wrong, but it works as intended.

do you really think its supposed to be +41k%??
with 70k def your def will rose to 28,7m
yeah that make sense

yah it’s amount is supposed to as same as p.defense I guess

lol well it keep irritating my soul