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Possible potential repair system


Hello team IMC. Well, I’m here to provide one of the ideas I’ve had … if this will be well received I do not know, but what it’s worth and the intention to help.
My idea revolves around the system durability of the items, as many still have difficulties enchanting various items (me for example), I thought of creating a new system to recover that lost durability … at least until a certain point and with restrictions.


An item with enchantment +0 to +20 and with transcendent above stage 6 and potential 0, some point of durability could be recovered with the same item under zero conditions.

1- One-hand sword +10 tran 7 potential 0
2- One-hand sword +0 Comments Email form tran 0 potencial full

Using only one item as a sacrifice the restored potential would be 1 but using 2 items the restored potential could range from 1 or 2, but using 3 or more items would have a minimum number to restore.

Example 2:

1 sacrifice item = 1 potential
2 items of sacrifice = 1 - 2 potentials
3 items of sacrifice = 2 - 3 potentials

Thus items under the +20 enchantment could be restored with their due “copies” thus making a turnover of items.

This form of restoration in the case would work only in items below the +20 and with transcendent 6 or more together of a rate for the due repair varying among the rarities of the items.

Well, that and the idea I had to try to help in the game … I hope I have helped

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I have a better idea. Lets just get rid of potential and cap enhancement at something that isnt 40.

Failing an enhancement or Ichor is punishing enough by losing silver. It could be adjusted to be slightly more punishing after +11 or something if they did remove potential too.


Yea,enhancement need revamp/balancing
Current huge RNG, long progressing and bad for pvp


It’s clear that there is about less than 1% chance that IMC will revamp the enhancement system and we as player can just ask for compromises. This suggestion could be a good compromise since its another “silver sink” system. + people can now sell their +6 or lower w/ 0 pot so that other people can re-use it.

That’s what I think at least.