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Popo shop upgrade suggestion

Popo shop is a great event. It’s great because people will more likely start to play ToS if they will see good online numbers. But it needs just one feature.

People want to sleep with their PC turned off.
At the same time they want to have an ability to recieve maximum popo points.
So I propose the following system: every single player should choose 8 hour range in which popo points will stop accumulate. This period can be changed 1 time per week. Just don’t forget to adjust items’ price and points accumulated with regards to this feature.
It’s good and simple isn’t it?

Can’t sleep thinking of lost popo points. Gonna quit the game! :sad:

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I for one can’t really be bothered to care about popo points because I think it’s badly designed and I would go insane or whatnot. I understand your concern and I agree, it should change .The way this has been designed is insane, it makes people insane but they should know better and IMC should know better. I understand IMC want people online on their servers but this is not the way to do it and people shouldn’t always have their computers on I think. The thought of leaving them on just to be online in a game to get points just by being afk while you sleep is just dumb I think.

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