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Popo shop is back yay! but

thx in case staff visit this post.
so thanks for bring up the popo shop again. nice work!
the addition of costumes is good cause people who attracted to cosmetic will welcome it.
but the removal of raid stone makes me a bit sad actually, and i believe many ppl does.

raid stone was a good resource, and what makes it better too is its tradable.
you can sell it for silvers or if you afk a day you can do 5 raid.
in addition the upcoming raid (asio and waystrull) also require a lot of stones, even with the new mechanic which require +1 stones for more run, so ppl will need lots lots of it to do more runs.
in addition too, upcoming patch gonna remove raid stones from velco cubes, which means raid stone obtainable only through recipe making from cm cubes.
so, the removal is a let down for many afkers since many of my friends are afk for it too.
and many ppl with popo point incident are lookin for it too instead of hair coupon.

in my personal opinion it is a bad please bring it back. you can still change it xD
if you are worry about the tradability then make it untradable is fine. but if its tradable again it ll be great.

peeps please like if you support this.

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it was tradable at the beginning does it mean they support botters? xD
yes thats why dont remove it at least make it untradeable because as i said its valuable resource for the upcoming stuff compare to another items there
im not velcoffer weekly player which means less raid stone from cubes and also its probability;
blessed shard are just too valuable for raid stones and not everytime cm cubes drop recipe too;
6 raid stone for asio/waystrull raid are 12 blessed shard and some mats which like 3m for gambling cubes.

and for multi accounts its really undeniable. they can do what they want when they have multiple pcs and good network. im not talking bout multiaccount in 1 pc though cause thats cheating just like botters.
but its not like theres no drawback for that not only for botters or multiaccount players even normal players like electricity bill.
if what i get less than my electricity to keep my pc afk 24/7 for tos i ll pass.

tbh for that 15k costume stuff i ll even pass. cause its to high of a price which like keep your account afk for a full month. i could buy that with the money i need to spend for the electriicty bill lol. but if theres raid stone and even if its untradable it doesnt matter, i ll afk whenever i can cause when i log in can join the most recent raid.

sorry im having trouble reading your english comment Xd seems like you arent native speakers nor writer
the introduction of new method is good, why will it make me lose more hope lol
and im not that desperately into it though
simply i just saying their decision on removing raid stone is bad and those are my idea for a better one.thats it.

and about this, popo main point is to reward players for staying in game, either playing or afking.thats the main points and it wont change.
some ppl who hate the idea on afk all day and get rewards are those who jealous enough cause they cant do it i believe Xd

actually thanks for the replies so this post looks alive and maybe staff look into it lol

im not protecting just not against it.because why not?
what im against are those botters, multiple account with virtual pc, and afkers on dungeon and pt related stuff.

can you confirm that you cant afk anymore to get point?the source maybe.
or is it just your assumption?
cause they only say they gonna add new ways. which means many way/more way.
they didnt say they will remove the current mechanic.
so the main will still be stay in game and get points, which includes afk. and yeah the unwanted botting.

if you know imc well their translation are always surprisingly confusing sometimes.for ex the growing moon event translation that confused players at the beginning of event.

Raid portal stones in the shop was really dumb. It would be fine if it was untradable but tradable raid stone portal was pretty much bringing back afk necro but better. it takes approx 10 hrs to get the raid portal stones and raid portal stones are 300k each. 3mil per 10hr its actually better than afk necro. Not to mention people wil prob run like 3-10 acounts nonstop. 9mil~30m per 10hr of “afking”, yeah no thanks.

It is for the better that they removed it

this is actually the core problem.the tradability.

So theres still way to make it untradable unmarketable unshopable what else?. that way it wont let down casual player like me too due to the reasons i mention above
i hate this idea of botter or multiplier account impact us the real casual players.the real problem are botters or multis, so get rid of em instead of get rid of good stuff that benefit casual player.
those necro toon usually just craps and wont be able to run ffl/asio/waystrul raid
even if they can i bet they are just lazy.

is that you? xD cause i think you got like 10 accounts across the klai server. resource source rsrc and many more that so obvious. which means youre one of multiplayer account. and contrary to what you said, you benefited from all those accounts by afking opening shop. not so different from popo.

I do not but i could easily(the thought did cross my mind but i dont really need money). Also shops make so little money i havent collected the silver on them since i created them. Those shops are more for my personal use.

Which reminds me imc gave me like 30 diamond anvils but i used 0

Apparently putting cheap raid stones and raid items into the economy is a bad thing. w/e

They should really stop promoting multiple accounts with all these transferable freebies. Saalus change is another one

its ok im not against multis, do what you want as long as its not against tos ToS.
seems like youre the last person i want to hear about multis and getting benefit from afk source xD

yes i dont care, cause its not my place to care bout it
its staffs. its their just their consumer.
what can consumer do? its either support or if they have ideas they can give i did now
what can a casual player like me do? do you expect me to go to solitary cells and dozens of maps to report all those botters that keep spawning? meh. even if i did will it stop/log them off to stop them get benefit from afk?
the main problem is them, not me.what did i do wrong to get the impact because of them?
they need to focus about the core problem without sacrificing innocent one.this one decision here is another decision from many of their decisions that impact innocent one.

you can actually leave since youre triggering me a lot with your guesses, sourceless argument, assumption,unconstructive opinion and false accusation.
im accepting arguments but please come up with good one.

like this one even if its off topic.

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savage :rofl:

i agree that they can actually make it untradable.
but hey! its just a test!
you know ppl got good stuffs from test cause they got it earlier than others
i do hope they add it back again with untradability one and maybe some adjustment if they think 20 a day still too much. but hey! not everyone can be in game for 20 hours a day :joy:

Making it untradable would be fine. Maybe lower the max limit as well


In fact with the removal of Raid Portal Stones, you will be forced to play instead of AFKing for your popo points if you want to do raids. Remember you will need 30 opals for each raid… and these will take a hell lot of time to get. For now you can buy them cheaply from the market… but when they will be priced at 200k a piece because there will be a shortage, everyone will have to suffer.

well i try to make resume from this post
the poster simply questioning staff whether they can do adjustment to raid stone and bring it back later by making it untradable and maybe yeah, lowering limit or increasing price.
the title quite vague, but i think its kinda like click bait for staff

and for you dude.stop embarassing yourself. just enough acussing him.all i saw is you act like white knight and kinda like make him the bad one.he just simply posting his idea.if you want to come up with ideas come with good one above even sounds a bit sadistc lol.
all you did was just came up with assumption and guesses hahaha :rofl:

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you got it right thanks.
my feedback is the possibility to add the stone back in incoming untradable and adjusted one.
heck i care of botter, multis, saalus or any other topic except what i posted here because thats not what im concern in this post.
i ll just ignores unnecesseary replies.
thats it. tl;dr.