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Popo Shop: Fancy Worms

Anyone knows what is the loot table from this bait?

no idea but so far feels like my best option xD

Would be great if a staff or data miners could shed some light on this. :slight_smile:

Got my first 200 R.Worms for test and have to say am not impress at all :expressionless:

Neither me… I got the same crap as ever. Nothing new or diferent… :no_mouth:

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Not a single fish and mostly collection items. :tired:


is it worth waiting hours, wasting Po-points and using almost all my fancy worms to get the same stuff normal bait would have given in less waiting time :expressionless:
Not for me…

The only difference I noticed with fancy worms is that I did not get a single fish, only materials.
Yesterday I got 3 awakening stones with shrimp, so I guess I am sticking with shrimp.

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Feels like they are like Shrimps :tired:

Really colorful and fashion ones… Fabulous, darling, fabulous!

Shrimps dressed up as fabulous worms? T-thanks IMC

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Thank you those for sharing your results :slight_smile:

Used up all 200 pieces, no fishes, but nothing else useful. I ll stick to shrimps in the future. Also without paste bin or fire fancy worms arent that fancy either :smile:

Maybe it will be useful if they are adding new fishing spots… if that ever happens…

Or maybe it has something super rare it can catch but noone will experiment with that lol…

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I was gonna go to cobalt to test fancy worms there, but I wasn’t expecting klai-fish to eat almost all my F-worms T~T

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Yeah, same with me. The first 10 catches took 95 worms, and for the second round the remaining 105 pieces wasnt enough.

I got card enhancements: 300 points, TWICE. That was probably most valuable I ever got out of the popo worms