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Popo boost special equipment box

Was I supposed to get 2 sets of reservoir weapons? I only got a sword and a dagger but the package says that the popo equipment (scout) box is supposed to give out 2 swords and a dagger plus a pistol.

I need help with this problem asap because I cannot reach a gear score this way that’s one, and two I cannot receive a full set bonus of the lv480+ equips because i have my second weapon slot empty (or rather filled with some junk I found in the quest reward, vasilisa or whatever its called).

Please help. The game gets too difficult without the set equip bonus which I don’t have right now. I tried upgrading the vasilisa but its taking ages and too much resources when its supposed to be free and an intact part of the boost!

I think you can use “Type Change” feature on the Goddess Equipment Management page to change the event equipment to type that you need.

thanks but that doesn’t help since I have the right equips, but the number of sets that were given out is what’s giving me this problem. can an admin answer this?

Yes. If you did not then that’s a bug. Try to submit a bug report it’s better than wait for a staff member to check the forums…

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