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Monster Hunter for the Switch. Capcom, please!


@capcomjapan, gotta make sure you contact them.


For monstergirls, what is the highest ratio of monster to girl you’re most comfortable with?

  • 10%:90%
  • 20%:80%
  • 30%:70%
  • 40%:60%
  • 50%:50%
  • 60%:40%
  • 70%:30%
  • 80%:20%
  • 90%:10%

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First option, being more human and last option, being more monster.

  • DLSite.
  • DMM.
  • Other.

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#If you had the ability to make food appear, but every time you use it… someone else die of hunger…

#Would you use it?_?

  • YES
  • NO

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Is it RNG or DPK?

Does it has special conditions?

Does a person die randomly, or it would be ready someone close to death first?


this, it could be anyone…

  • Trap.
  • Futanari.

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crab cant choose both D:

it depends…


Loli futa :thumbsup:


They’re good, but I also like shota traps.


I’d rather a trap than a futa, futa scares me.


All aboard the futa train :sparkles:


Melon, I though someone ate you…

permanently :blush:


I don’t post as much as I should,but I am always lurking,at least :sparkling_heart:

I’ve been playing ToS a ton more in the last month,though.If anyone would wanna meet up in game~


Haven’t seen you in a while.
Well, on the forums, I mean.


How have yall been lately? Good, I hope :sparkles:


Hi Melon, nice to see you back around on the forums.
I’ve seen you around in game a few times recently, I think.

I’ve been doing well.


I’m dead inside.


As always. Hungry and sleepy.