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Polish Translation

Hello there,
I would like to start a Polish translation for TOS.

The only thing I need to know is whether you guys intend to include Polish in the game at all? I know it’s not the most used language throughout the world, but there is quite a large TOS fanbase already.


It seems that there actually is a demand for a Polish version of TOS. Let’s do it then!

Important info

Before doing any changes please read the wiki and browse issues to make sure you’re doing the right. Ask twice and do once!

About the translation

I was doing my best to make the reference clear and consistent, but there is still much work to do. Try to fill the reference before making any changes to the files and most of all, conform to the reference.


Any doubts

When in doubt, start a discussion in issues. It will help us cooperate if you keep your mind open.

Does the repository follow the English translation?

Yes, it does

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Don’t think so…
but of course to gain Dev favor :wink:

I offer my help in translation, but only if that wasn’t be a wasted effort.
It don’t have to be official release, just to allow ppl to edit txt files on their own copy of this game on their computers.

As far as I get the idea described in the official translation repository, blog posts and forums posts, the TOS team aim is to perfect the English translation and later on proceed to less popular languages. However keeping track of changes through git is quite easy, so I decided to give it a shot.

I’m not aiming to gain Dev favor, but to do something for the Polish community. If someone from the team says don’t bother, we won’t even let you choose Polish in game then I’ll stop, but otherwise I’ll keep going.

To possible contributors: I’ll include a link to the repository in the first post soon

Wow :slight_smile: Miło czytać takie posty :blush:
Polacy to bardzo duże community gamingowe więc mam nadzieje że zespół Tree of Savior pomyśli o polskim tłumaczeniu.

Greetings, Polish Gamer :smile:

+1 for the idea, I will help for sure. Make a fork please.

I would constribute too~
Just gotta hear Dev’s opinion first.

I would gladly help, if there’s enough interests in the game in Polish community.

im in for translations :smile:

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It’s great to see so many people interested in contributing, that’s very comforting!

As soon as I finish the guidelines (same as in the English repo, necessary for consistency) I’ll post the repository address so that anyone can contribute!

good to hear that :smile:

I could help as well :wink:

I would have to learn how to use Github. I will need it anyway if I want to release my stuff in the future though :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help. But to be honest games with Polish translations usually make me cringe a bit.

Well, it’s hard to argue with that. Some translations are so bad (like the original HOMM3 translation) that they are nearly impossible to play, but some others (e.g. Fallout series, The Witcher) are so good they make my spine tremble!

All in all: it’s our job to make this translation awesome. If we won’t provide a worthy experience, then noone else will. It’s up to us. Let’s do this!

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I’ve updated the original post!

Please refer to that post and the wiki on how to contribute.


  • read the whole wiki
  • adjust the reference
  • browse issues
  • engage in discussions
  • translate the best game of 2015!

Let’s go!

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I would love to help out with the translation. Count me in!

Kuvisit love you!
I hope that you will translate ToS wiki :slight_smile:

Mogę jakoś się przydać?
Mój angielski nie jest na najwyższym poziomie ale zawsze coś małego mogę zrobić (zwłaszcza że grając w closed becie dawałem radę bez większych problemów) :smile:
Jeśli przetłumaczymy z pewnością więcej rodaków pobawi się z nami :smile:
Pozdrawiam :blush:

@cirkays321 możesz zacząć od uzupełnienia referencji. Ważne jest nie tylko samo tłumaczenie, ale także utrzymanie spójności w tłumaczeniu danego słowa. Edycja wiki na githubie wymaga co prawda konta w tymże serwisie, ale założenie go jest dziecinnie proste. Zdecydowanie polecam to zrobić :wink:

@cirkays321 it is a wiki’s nature that anyone can edit it. This means you are as free to translate it as I am :slight_smile: We should focus on translating the game first and then we can use our already translated game to write a good wiki without the need to translate it again :slight_smile:

Super pomysł. Sam chętnie bym pomógł ale nawet nie miałem okazji pograć. Gra wygląda fajnie i cieszę się, że społeczność też przyczynia się do tego.