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Pokemon petition

Petition to make the pokemon event a permanent feature, and also make a coop version of it with harder mobs :smiley:




Indeed it is a good event and could be made in a nice feature in the game.

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Or make the monsters actual companions XD. Im ok with them not being able to mount as long as I have a humanoid companion :b

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Yeah imagine mounting Succubus, who would want dat??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

really love this event, its cool and more relaxing than old pokemon, it also helps newer player to do cm since their damage are pretty high for s1-5
but tbh theres also problem that player will spawn it during wb or other multi-player instances like moringponia/wb which make map more lag
another problem is certain pokemon has frequent and pretty high sfx volume e.g skiaclipse which makes it annoying, i suggest to add box option like disable flute sound from other player

i ll be sad if this event gone.its just a month and im like how am i supposed to get my skia to 3 stars. and maybe they redo this event in future and all our pokemon gone and we need to re do again

they can also improve the gui with maybe skills that learnt each stars and instead of popup of stats its a box beside the pokemon. and also a dungeon leaderboard will be cool.ppl love to show off.

its summonable in dg and i think not that much people doing dg in party and its 5 max extra toon so i dont see it as problem.

but about wb they can disable it in map where crowd gather like wb maps, town(they already did even though i want to watch pokemon battle live), and gtw

got succ on one of my alts… on a female char tho… but i guess its not a problem ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Please make this permanent, or at least make this Monster Grimoire thing a feature in the game (just rename it so it doesn’t conflict with Sorcerer Grimoire). This is one of those ideas I believe IMC has struck gold on, one of those 5% chance fun events with so much possibilities that can be done with beyond the event.

Hopefully IMC actually hears this and makes it permanent or something and actually flesh this Monster Grimoire idea out properly instead of making it into a brand new mess …

I love this event, and making in a permanet feature would be great.
I’m going to be sad when my dear little froster lord is not with me any more.

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This event was better than the old feature /cardbattle, please make permanent.


@tomgo32000 is this event terminated already in KToS?

I would love for pokemon to be permanent. What we can do is disable summoning monster outside of Bernice, so it doesn’t interfere with normal gameplay, and any exp gain will go to the monsters even without them summoned. Then make the whole thing team based instead of per character. I can see this being a very fun system that will attract more players.

Do you mean the Pokemon Card-Thing event? Yes, it has already ended on kToS.

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Well as long as they don’t interfere with normal gameplay it’s fine whether they are summoned or not.

this is a good event please find a way to incorporate it into the game permanently :hey:

I think you’ll have to reformulate your statement…


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Please, ME!!!

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