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Pls i need some advice

Hi there, i just come back to TOS, and i see a lot of changes.
I google for all, but i can’t figure this out… so im here for some help T^T

-> Market limit prices.<-
Why i can’t sell more than 10.000.000???
I google and say something about team lvl… my team lvl is 17, so im very confucing, i want to sell some old costumes, but i can’t figure how!?

thnx in advance c: :heart:

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do u have a Token??
its good to use Token when doing market transcations else there are many restrictions
yea u need some kind of minimum team level too
Check ur trade Grade in the inventory (f2 window) near the silver amount.

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hi, yes i have token, but i can’t sell nothing more expansive than 10.000.000 and idk why

edit: i see is grade 2
so what grade we need for sell something more than 50.000.000? :confused:

for Trade Grade, i there info on the Guide section.

it says

Grade Daily Transaction Limit (Silver)
0 15,000,000
1 50,000,000
2 500,000,000
3 1,000,000,000
4 2,000,000,000
5 5,000,000,000

but i don think thats ur problem

  1. since ur an returning player, theres sometime limit or days limit to put in market ?
    you cannot put items in market immediately?
  2. do u have enough silver for the Market registration fee(Not the market commison(10%))… if u dont have that… u cant register for higher amount.

For ex: if ur trying to put a 10m item in market… but ur silver is like 1000-2000. u just cant put the item in market for the higher price.

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thnx for ur help, 1st, yes, it seems i can’t sell until 5-18 … ok…
and i just finish my quest, and now im grade 4, so now i can sell so this problem is solve, now i just need wait few days n.n

thnx u very much for ur help!