Tree of Savior Forum

Please update and use the News and Announcements section correctly


Some of us use your News and Announcements section of the forums to get automatic updates on your news and announcements.

In the last 24 hours absolutely none of your news posts have been in this section.

Please make sure to use it right, for the sake of your users. I and others subscribe to

Things in the subsections of this part of the forum should be categorised as both their sub-categories AND the “News and Announcements” category.

This way some of your userbase gets your updates/news much faster.

Alternatively please implement RSS on your actual News section of the site. But it would be preferable if you used the channels you’ve made correctly and not let them fester to die through misuse. I assume staff changes/leaves/replacements/holidays of the people that usually maintain things like this is the cause. The facebook page is awfully dead too. No social channels seem to be getting properly maintained or anything :confused:

But yeah. Copy paste those news posts to your forum and categorise them properly please. Thank you!!!