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Please stop the endless flagging of undisputed content!

While it certainly is an option to flag content of someone whom you don’t like, flagging a post as spam that certainly is not spam and having the Staff just hide the post in response without checking the contents is unacceptable.

When I logged in today, I found my account flooded with 44 private messages notifying me that over 30+ of my posts have been flagged as Spam by more than 3 users (or whatever number is required to hide the post/comment).
Strangely, it coincided with the notification that Staff_Yuri was editing some of my posts for whatever reason.

Now, let’s look at an example:

One message notifies me [can’t post more than one picture now because the flags downgraded my trust level,thanks IMC] that a post I made back in November last year in the help section of the forum was marked by enough “users” [probably one certain guy who holds grudges and flagged with multiple accounts, but whatever] to be hidden.

Now let us look at the post in question:

As you can see, the post is still in its original form (not edited), and it is simply me asking about how a certain quest is to be finished nowadays.
I wonder how exactly this does qualify as an advertisement, when it is posted inside the help center section that supposedly exists to ask questions…

All other posts in question also do not qualify as advertisements, but it seems that the Staff doesn’t double-check the posts in question before blocking them if flagged as Spam.

This system is really flawed and can possibly silence a lot of people and/or their opinions if enough ill intent is behind someones actions to multi-flag as Spam.

Therefore I suggest at least glancing at the post to see if it contains advertisements or if it is simply flagged as such falsely.


The system itself detects when certain posts links to the other webpage.
And when it calls the other webpage alot - I think this is related to Guide posts or something -
The System automatically flags every posts they found and hide them.

Of course when I watched them, it was flagged falsely
And like… dunno 40 times of removing flag and comes back to here.

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