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Please release more class costumes

Class costumes are a great feature of this game. I know several players who even choose classes based on costumes! Since there are 80+ classes in this game, you gotta choose the style that you want, after all.

Please release more class-specific costumes, especially for earlier classes. Also please release class specific costumes that were apparently unreleased:

I am sure many players would pay money for those!

Lastly, could you please make the existing special costume quests more doable? They are heavily dependent on performance rather than player skill, and given the lag many players are locked out of content because of that. I already raised a ticket about the bugged exorcist costume quest.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Savior,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your feedback suggestions. Rest assured that it will receive proper attention, as we develop future contents and updates.

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I’m still patiently waiting for some alternative Corsair costumes after all these years.

I guess IMC doesn’t want my money.

IMC said they stopped making as many class costumes because users don’t purchase them. Making a costume for only one class greatly limits how many users can buy it or pay for it, so it ends up selling very poorly.

Still, they should release the ones they’ve already made.

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In doing so the class costume situation is all over the place, though. We’ve got classes with buyable special costumes, classes with multiple costumes and special accessories available ingame, classes with costumes given during the release and sold later, and classes with just the base costume. And then there are the costumes done but never released. It’s kinda a mess.

These are valid points, but I find it weird how some classes have received much more attention than others. Some classes have like 5+ costumes-accessories, while others just get one basic costume. Clearly newest classes received more love. Most costumes are palette swaps of existing costumes anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. I think it would at least be nice to get a few more color options and/or different costumes for some classes. It’s very imbalanced at present.

Also yeah please release existing costumes, that’s super easy to do.

It might not be super profitable to make class costumes, but it definitely adds more style and depth to classes. I frankly hate those generic cringy class costumes like swimsuits/rubber duck and flippers etc. Even if they sell or are “kawaii”, they are cringy and ruin the aesthetics and lore of the game (there is no sea in this world anyway!). To the contrary, class costumes will increase use of some classes (along with a rework of the classes perhaps).

As a suggestion, with every class rework, release a palette swap of their costumes, or something extra for them. Would be really nice and make people want to try those classes!

why you being so cheap iMC? go update your exchange shop
its not like we’re gonna get it for free, we pay for it

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yeah more class costumes for other classes :frowning:

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