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PLEASE, Release an OLD TIMES server

This game, has a lot of potential. But a lot of bad decisions was made by IMC, release an OLD TIMES version and try something different, I’m assure will have more player in a single server than you have right now summing all servers.

I hope not. The game was not better in the past. IMC has better ways to spend their time than work on something that will divide the player base even further.


bro, I waited almost 3 hours for a AM singularity, almost everyone that I know, is just waiting to kk of silver reach 1,00R$ BRL to sell it, and that’s it… this games basically becomes online for one hour on sunday in silute, I don’t know about your server. But from my pov, people are just tired of the usual stuff…

It only takes about half an hour to solo 7 Stage 5 Field Singularity runs. Unless you’re using some kind of build that has low damage output, you may as well get the work you want done yourself.

Maybe a better idea could be just Cross-Server auto match content. For CMs, Singularity and some Auto-Match Raids.


i agreed with this suggestion. IT will help out other low population servers a lot!

I would LOVE a old times server!
The game in 2016 was so addictive hahaha
Now is just “ok”

Time for some people to start a private server…?

old time? ahah no, this game need a re-launch and be less p2w

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