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Please reduce the amount of maps to reach the bounty

Some bounty mission can go up to 14 maps to go through just to reach the designated area.
No to mention finding where the bounty is hiding in the target map.

I’ve done enough to get myself 2 full Aether gems, but now I’d rather ignore it because of the unnecessary slog one must go through.

Until there are QoL updates on this Bounty mission, I think I’m gonna let my forms to decay for now.

For real though, going to 4 or 5 maps to reach the bounty makes it way more intriguing.

@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

Thank you in advance.



My bounty orders are piling up … I’m getting anxiety disorder specially Klai and Fedi maps … one time my head is cramping seeing 1 Klai bounty route …

IMC please ~

  • Movement Speed Buff
  • Shortest Trail Route Guide
  • Bounty Map Boss Spotter ~ hehehe
  • Shorten the maps to at least 4-6 maps total …

I swear that Klaipeda map is insane … I’m not lazy* I farm ashaq 1-2 hours daily) its just that … running that many maps tires me … really …


Klai is better than fedi imo, although just a tad it.

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Oh wow a road map nice!!! I miss the old world map … easier to navigate.

Can i use this and share to my guildies? XD

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Knock yourself out! Spread it around!
I wanted to post in on Community Guides but somehow i can’t post there D;

Oh dont forget to credit me @Benzo <3

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thanks … now this will make it easier … a bit XD

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can we also don’t hide the boss under the tree like this, I have to search the whole forest like 4 times for this guy


There was one in Royal Mauso Storage (IIRC) and the dude was hiding behind a damn boulder, impossible to see isometrically -_-

According to the list, Klaipeda is the best for bounty hunting; None of them go over 10 destination changes.

Fedimian on the other hand…

i would love to understand how the ranking is… did 2 bounties that ended around the 20 min mark and yet i get rank B in one and rank C on the other

RnGesus baby! Better start praying! ;_;

also I don’t know if they give it away for free right now but multiple times boss has spawned in place that need seal of space to enter for me. I wonder what happen if your character doesn’t to the quest that give the seal

I think with the new package that completes all mainquest up to rp12 will give you the important stuff. At least I hope so.

Advanced Orders and Mouting System is coming, I don’t think they will change the amount of maps, maybe include longer routes lmao

Also, one of the new mounts will reveal the location of the target monsters. All of them have unique skills.


This is good news … less the more routes part haha XDD

sorry for this question, I haven’t done any bounty maps, but i did get 1 klapedia order from a monster i think. what do you get from bounty missions?

Errr I’m too lazy to type so I’ll copy paste …
It’s in this patch notes … Tree of Savior

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ohhh ic, so thats why Bernice voucher is a thing now, thank you for the info.
dont know if i got time to do all those things just yet.