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Please Rebalance the item values of the new unique raids (novaha & magic research facility)


Judging by how the items and values are spread and numbered, the new raid equipment is highly unbalanced.

Some items like Asio Cannon have a high amount of stats (+121 STR, +71 CON, +64 DEX = +256 useful statpoints) on top of really useful special abilities (increases the skilllevels of Siege Burst and Sweeping Cannon by 2) while others like the Wastrel One-handed Mace have only low amounts of stats (+72 INT,+62 SPR, +52 DEX = 134 useful statpoints since DEX is utterly useless for spellcasters and this mace is certainly made for them and not for physical attackers or even hybric Clerics) and no useful abilities (+233 holy property damage certainly is not as useful as +2 to you best skills, why not Rubric +2? You even added God Smash +2 on the two-handed mace…).

It completely ignores the fact that the items with higher attack also get way higher&better stat boni even if they are one-handed, which completely defeats the purpose of even participating in the raid if your weapon of choice is such a complete mess like the one-handed maces, resulting in even First Refuge raid items being a better option for transfer onto a Velcoffer weapon or actually use in battle.

They are not worth grinding the whole stuff&sacrificing 3 practoniums for them to craft, this is a disappointing catastrophe.

I suggest rebalancing the status values so every one-handed weapon has the same amount of status points (if asio cannon has 256, so should every other one-handed weapon,too, regardless of weapon type; or you rebalance it into the subweapon category, so e.g. the shields get +256 base stats) and rebalancing additional abilities and substats in a way that they are equally useful in battle (e.g. +250 holy property damage per skilllevel raised, so the Wastrel Mace would have +1000 holy property damage to compensate for the 4 skillevels raised on other weaponry like the Asio Cannon),
and the same for two-handed weaponry,too.

To leave a feedback:

Starting with the First Refuge raid introduction, the actual balance on items was already thrown out of the window, with some providing good abilities while others had pretty gruesome ones.
But this time it’s on a whole new level. Not only do you require 1,5 times the amount of Raid Portal Stones to enter, you are also betrayed on two possible weapon cases (e.g. one-handed mace magic Clerics) because both options are neither worth the time invested to get them nor the resources required to craft the weapon.

What is the point of introducing new raids after Velcoffer if the items you can gain through them are not worth the hassle to ichor on your Velcoffer equipment?

It’s time for the developers to do something about this, as some effects are too good to pass on and others are for the trash bin, that’s not a nice thing to do to your customers.
Why can’t you just design a weapon like the Asio Cannon for every weapon type that’s actually strong and useful? Why must the Maces & Rods be so bad?

Why DEX on magic users weaponry if they can’t make use of it at all?
Why not put INT on Cannon or Pistol to grief other Classes,too?

Sorry to say this but your new raids are a huge turn-off for a lot of players because they don’t gain anything useful through them.


Wastel mace for aa cleric and asio for caster cleric. You make everything wrong in the beginning.


If you are a spellcaster why don’t you use rods?


The staff that has Dex has perfect stats for Enchanter, Dex benefits them a lot.

And cannons really need to have an absurd amount of stats, considering how bad the class is atm.


Why would I? Clerics have a Class attribute for Mace for more Healing Power, and Mace is better because I can share it with all of my characters, even the physical Clerics.

Also, it’s pointless to argue that way since the Wastrel Mace is obviously aimed at magic-based Clerics (it has INT and SPR as main stats).

And what kind of argument is that anyway? Should players back down on bad balance by the developers just because they can opt for another weapon type?

Then why do you believe they release mace in the first place?
I could also argue for physical Clerics: Why don’t you use swords?
But that’s a stupid and irrational way of thinking.

If they provide several weapon choices, all choices should be viable, not just a few.

Also, the rods suck the same way as the maces suck, did you check their stats?

Cannoneers after rebalancing are really strong. They are also privileged since they can equip weapon, shield and cannon and have both block and high status boost due to the auto-switch feature of Archer.

I don’t see any reason why only cannons,pistols and two-handed maces should provide good boosts if there are so many different weapon types.

That’s why they have to be rebalanced.

Imagine you start a character and Cleric starts with 120 total stats and Archer,Swordsman and Wizard only with 30, you would be against this,right? Then why are you guys not for equality in this aspect?

Why must some items be shitty and some OP if they all have ± the same recipe crafting costs (still not sure why two-handed weapon only costs 3 practoniums if one-handed weapon and shield/subweapon also cost 3 practoniums, resulting in doubled costs on Classes that can’t equip two-handed weaponry)?

Why if random stat gears are equal in the maximum amount of stats in the same category?

Weaponry should be equal in amount of boni (as they are already unequal in base stats) just like random stat gear, and subweaponry should be equal to shield as shield is useless at endgame like Velcoffer where the strongest attacks simply ignore block (another unfair point where the shield just becomes physical defence armor).

This game needs a lot of overwork to become balanced, but this is where it has to start.

Equal input has to result in equal outcome, just like weapon upgrade & transcendence.

If we craft a recipe for the same materials, it has to give the same amount of stat boni and special effects.


Why dex is not for mages?

There are enchanters.


What if this was intentional so that the old raids remain relevant despite those weapons having lower base attack? What if the point is that certain options already existed in the older equipment, and the new equipment is intentionally really weird to give more build options?


First raid yesterday… and my guildmate is lucky enough to get a recipe. Big smile on his face until he looked at the description… of the Wastrel 2H Mace :wink:


Asio dungeon has a weapon (bow) that can summon a bunny rabbit.

Clearly, Wastel weapons are inferior.


dex still gain evasion n aspd, at least
how bout int stat on solmiki leather armor? something phy dps cant even use a single aspect from int i believe


Youre wrong!


In my point of view it doesn’t really matter to me whether I compare the asio or westrel weapon stats. I can always farm both asio and westrel weapon.

what I really concerns is if I have enough silver and potential to make it +16 or higher :haha: