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Please, make more artistic classes <3

We all know that one of the ToS’ qualities is having a wide variety of classes and weapons that can be combined for stronger combos.
However, I miss more artistic classes. We have just Pied Piper …
Why not create more artistic classes? Maybe muses, dancers, troubadours, minstrel, rhapsody, war singers/dancers … I don’t know. What I know is I miss these kind of classes.




they could add eletric magic in the wizard class

since beta, still…waiting…and waiting… :tired:

Rafael (also my name in real life, but with ‘ph’): we do have eletric magic wizard: taoist. but with the changes it won’t be anymore. hope in the future we have an entire lightining/storm wizard class, like we have for fire/ice-water/earth-terra…

jojosudito: I think they did clown with this costume.

I’m hoping for a singer, gypsy, dancer… I don’t know! Something artistic and for fun.
We will have pied piper and clown, but we want more <3

I’d switch to a bard in a heartbeat.

Scout-Thaum-Corsair-Bard when


we have clown coming with the arquebusier as new classes owO

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A dancer or acrobat might fit in the scout tree pretty well. I also think piper needs a rework, personally.

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Dissonanz should have more points or skill factor enhancement and maybe attributes for pvp and pve purposes, even if you have to able/disable them for each case.
Hameln Nagetier should have its level decreased, skill factor enhancement and maybe turn into a toggled skill with medium/average damage: everytime you cast a skill, a number of mice (which would increase with attributes and rare species attribute) would explode, dealing damage over time in a small/medium area. If the skill is set to [on] it will consume certain sp quantity.
That’s what I thought for a class reworking at the moment.

I am pretty sure this class is based on our Brazilian religion called Umbanda.
If that’s the case, this class should have changed its name because macumbeiro, in Brazilian, has a negative connotation. It’s like someone who uses dark powers to curse others.
Maybe Orixá (both male or female) or Caboclo (male) or Cabocla (female) would sound a lot better!
I imagine that this class would be some kind of powerpul healer or support, using the powers of the forest or nature. Different from druids, spirits and souls would be summoned to help in a battle.
Or else, if this is a DPS class, I imagine it being a channeling class, with a lot of dances and prays, using candles and rituals with herbs and flowers. A mix of plague doctor and druid, maybe.

Does Mamcumbieiro have any relationship with the Orishas? Still the concept sounded quite interesting. Anyway, on the subject, I miss classes related to dance (in general, in every game. In Ragnarok that class was very cool, in another game called Eden Eternal it was like a dancer with swords quite interesting and good in L2 it was also something quite interesting similar).
When I read acrobatics I can’t not think about flyff and the fact of using yo-yos as a weapon xD

a painter class would actually be pretty cool