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Please make General Discussion topics with 10000 max replies open for everyone

Up till 2 days ago I was able to write as many responses in the KTOS General Thread 4.0 but now I’m locked out unless I delete all of them, and even then I’m limited to 3?

Why the heck are you ninja-patching the forum or limiting users suddenly in the general discussion section of the forum without any reason and/or without prior notice?

I’ve checked the forum software guide and I couldn’t find any clue to why this happened.
Can you please elucidate players as to why they’re suddenly limited to 3 posts as they’re “too new” after months of posting without any problems or limitations?

I can understand that you might want to reduce input and possible spam, but if you’re limited to 3 posts after posting dozens of times in the thread before,
you have to delete dozens of posts before you can post again, and your super forum software creates a forced delay if I start deleting these posts, so I have to wait hours to days before I have deleted enough posts to be able to post again.

At that point you can just ban/silence the users in these threads if you no longer wish for them to participate instead of presenting them with a “solution” in the form of deleting posts that causes a delay on deleting in succession, forcing you to wait hours to days till you can post again, depending on how many posts you have to delete.

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I usually spam click my ways through the BS and errors…

Forum gets shittier every update :unamused:

better create real time chat,

because if waiting reply is boring, but if we see 2days later the conversation so many and intense, lazy to read loooong catpost,